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Advantix Systems provides innovative, air conditioning systems to industrial and commercial customers across the globe. For more than twenty years, Advantix Systems has helped customers raise their productivity by optimizing their climate solutions while reducing their energy consumption. One of the pioneers in harnessing liquid desiccant technology for HVAC applications, Advantix Systems is a global leader in humidity and climate control.

We understand our customers.
Advantix Systems understands the challenges our customers face in optimizing their air conditioning systems. From pharmaceutical and food processing plants to schools and hospitals, organizations are held to higher air quality standards than ever before and energy prices continue to skyrocket.

Air conditioning systems must deliver more than just cooling to reach the required “comfort zone.” Equally critical is reducing the humidity level to a tolerable range. High humidity, even in a cold space, negatively affects production lines, creates a dangerous breeding ground for mold and bacteria, and causes uncomfortable “stickiness” in the workplace.

We know humidity.
Know the expression, “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity?” Well, it’s true. 95° in Phoenix (hot & dry) is a lot more comfortable than 85° in Miami (hot & humid). The reason is simple: humidity. In dry conditions, the human body is able to effectively cool itself and the air is free of bacteria and microorganisms, allowing people to feel better and breathe clean, healthier air. In industrial processes, dry air is also essential for producing quality products in clean and safe conditions.

Conventional HVAC systems have only one method of removing this excess humidity: overcooling. By cooling the air to dew point, conventional HVAC systems pull humidity from the air through condensation. Once moisture is removed, the remaining air is excessively cold and must be reheated to a comfortable level, resulting in an energy-intensive loop. Alternative dehumidification systems such as desiccant wheels are effective for drying the air but require significant upfront investment, consume more energy and involve high maintenance costs.

We think differently.
Unlike conventional HVAC systems, Advantix Systems’ patented, liquid desiccant technology cools and dehumidifies simultaneously, eliminating the need to overcool the air to control humidity. Our systems also tap into liquid desiccant’s natural ability to filter, eliminate odors and disinfect, providing cleaner, healthier air in a single pass. Finally, with our technology there is zero carryover, no drip pans, condensation points or expensive filters to monitor and maintain.

Go green.
Advantix Systems is committed to helping commercial and industrial customers reduce their carbon footprint with a product that also boosts their bottom line. For the ultimate ecological HVAC solution, Advantix Systems offers a product that is powered by renewable energy sources such as solar thermal or waste heat from other processes, delivering energy cost savings of up to 80%.

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