3 Key Advantages of Investing in Real Estate in Memphis

Are you considering investing in real estate in Memphis, Tennessee? If so, anyone would be hard-pressed to give you reasons why you shouldn’t.

Memphis is Tennessee’s most populous city, sitting just above the beautiful Mississippi River. It’s smack-dab in the center of Tennessee’s second-largest metropolitan area, making it a hubbub of people, music (especially the blues or rock and roll), art, culture, and history. It’s also a mecca for a rich education system, its fair share of tourism, and lots of business dealings.

These are only a few of the many wonderful reasons to invest in property here, whether you’re a local or out-of-towner. We offer more compelling advantages below.

1. Memphis, TN, Is Rich With Culture, Fun, and Attractions

You won’t have a hard time finding tenants for your newest investment property. 

Memphis has so much to offer its residents. Some of its must-visit, must-see attractions include the likes of: 

  • Graceland, Elvis’s former home and the second most-visited home after the White House
  • The famous Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, which explores and celebrates the birthplace of rock and soul music
  • The National Civil Rights Museum, which houses five centuries’ worth of artifacts and covers events like Jim Crow or the Civil War

These notable spots, along with the many others, make Memphis an attractive place to call home. 

2. Population Growth Is Consistent

Now that you know some reasons why Memphis is so beloved as a place, let’s check out why investing here makes financial sense as an investor.

To start, the population in Memphis has increased at a scale of 4% over the last ten years.

It’s the US’ 42nd largest state with nearly 1.4 million inhabitants. Much of this persistent population boom is due in large part to a dense concentration of youths in the area. Still, youth aside, Memphis is home to a vast demographic of people. 

3. The Renters’ Market Is a Strong One

Often, out-of-state investors are last in play when it comes to real estate. In general, it’s much easier to invest in property as a local. Well, you might find the exception with Memphis, TN.

If you’re not a resident of the state or city, there’s plenty of opportunity in the rental market. Because of a constant influx of people, a shortage of available homes, and a high demand for rental properties, out-of-state individuals can put up homes for the rental market instead, garnering instant tenant applications.

These rental properties typically have a high return—something that’s not going to change as long as Memphis remains as popular as it has been all these decades.

Investing in Real Estate in Memphis Is a Real Good Idea

After reading this article—are you already en route to Memphis to check out its many available properties?

With an endless amount of attractions, a rich cultural history, a booming population, affordable housing, and much more, investing in real estate in Memphis proves to be an idea worth any investor’s consideration.

If you need any advice, help, or tips as you continue on your real estate journey, don’t forget to come back here. We keep our page consistently updated with real estate content.

See you soon! 

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