5 Cleaning Chores you Need to Once a Year

Every week, a new thing is added to your to-do list. From cleaning chores to buying household items, there are just so many things to do in a house. Fortunately enough, some chores need not be done every week or month. Chores like cleaning furniture or carpets need to be done only every six months or so. There are also some things you can put off for once a year without any guilt. 

Organizing documents and files

First on the list is organizing your filing cabinet. Sure, we are living in a world that’s embracing digital storage options. But some documents are still stored in physical copies, and this just keeps accumulating during the year. So once a year, organize your filing cabinet and throw out anything that’s unnecessary. Using file folders can help you a great deal. 

Cleaning the drapes

Curtains are hung vertically and have minimal contact to the ground. However, these still accumulate a lot of dirt over time. Therefore, curtains and drapes need to clean once a year, following the instructions on the panel, to avoid allergens entering your house and causing discomfort. That said, if you have horizontal blinds, chances are you will need your house cleaner in La Mesa to clean them every month.

Fireplace cleaning

Cleaning your fireplace is a given after every winter. With constant use, you will find a lot of ash on the hearth that can spread around the house when not cleaned on time. So get scraping and wiping this place down when spring arrives. This is also a great time for a quick sweep of the chimney to clean the soot. 

Mattress cleaning

At least once a year, your mattress needs a thorough clean. This is necessary even if you use mattress covers, as they accumulate dust, dust mites, and body soil. Clean the mattress by vacuuming the top and sides and washing the mattress covers with warm water. Make sure to flip or rotate the mattress to even its wear whenever you clean.

Gutter cleaning

Unless you have evergreen trees and pines in your backyard, you don’t need to clean fallen leaves and debris from your gutter more than once a year. The best time to clean is after autumn. Make sure you use a steady ladder and someone to steady the ladder if you are cleaning the gutter yourself. Alternatively, you can call the experts. 


Our house needs as much care as our bodies. However, doing all the chores can be a pain when you have a busy schedule. That said, there are areas that can be cleaned only once a year, including the fireplace, gutter, mattresses, drapes, and filing cabinet, when done the first time properly. 

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