5 Signs that Mean your AC are Screaming for Maintenance!

Your air conditioners have this weird habit to stop working on those times when you want it the most! It’s either during the onset of summer or during the times your company is going to have a rush hour on almost all hours of the day. These are times when an air conditioner not working can bring a great hindrance to your name and sales.

Can you imagine your client’s impression if your air conditioning conks off during an important business meeting?! Or what if you stock materials that are perishable or operate machinery that require cooling down – and need perfectly controlled environment? Can you imagine the loss it may incur you if you cannot maintain that optimum temperature?! But of course, no one can control mishaps!  What you can, however, do is opt for air conditioning repair service in Adelaide as soon as your AC shows signs of weariness.

 Signs that your Air Conditioner gives Calling for a Service!

 Like every other electronic appliance, your AC demands regular servicing too. But most of the time we ignore this demand or we don’t get access to a service that provides a good Commercial Air Conditioning Repair. True Air air conditioning services takes care of all your AC related issues — which includes proper and guaranteed repair, regular servicing contracts and also new installations. But, how would you know that your machine is asking for help?! Read on to recognise the signs!

  • Weird Noises— The very first sign that any air conditioner would give when it demands a service is noise – as if it is calling for help. Each time you switch on the button, it’ll start with a thud, or do the same when you switch it off. Even in between there would be loud noises of fan moving or just of the machine. It’s better to call your repairer to pinpoint the cause of the trouble, and get it serviced accordingly.
  • Slow Cooling — The second most common sign of a faulty air conditioner is that it shall not be able to cool properly. Even though it would reach a cooler temperature as compared to the outdoors, the desired level of cooling may not happen. For example, if you set the temperature for 17 degree Celsius, it’ll cool the room slowly but the temperature would be around 20 degrees during this time. This sign clearly states that your AC needs an expert hand of a professional AC mechanic on it.
  • Hot Air Blown — When you ignore the first two signs given, the air conditioner now gradually starts giving out hot air from its blowers. This proves that the problem has been raised more from what it was before, and it needs an urgent attendance. During this problem, you’ll find the temperature of the room rising than what it was before!
  • Following Strange Commands — When your air conditioner starts having its own mind and doesn’t follow your settings, it means it definitely needs a repair and that too on an urgent basis! Such times, you may be setting up a certain command, for example keeping it on swing mode, but the machine plays dumb and switches itself off. This is something really serious, as there may be a critical problem in its automatic sensors which requires a serious consideration.
  • Water Leakage — Another sign your air conditioner shouts out openly to remind that it needs TLC is water leakage. Any amount of leakage from the AC is serious. But if the water leakage is more, it may even be a risk for other sockets or electronic appliances in its vicinity. The damage to the paints, woods or even important accessories is possible too. Your machine definitely needs some immediate help at this time.
  • High Energy Bills — A vital yet a serious issue that needs to be tackled before it taxes you more is increasing energy bills. If you see that your electricity bill has shown a rise, especially during the times when there has been a considerable use of the air conditioners, you have to be a little alert about it. Though during summers, a rise in the utility bill is natural because of the extreme usage of air conditioners, but you can always make out and compare it with your usage pattern. If there’s a sudden huge change in the graph which raises suspicion, better get your machine checked.
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