5 Signs That Say Your Bathroom is Facing Severe Water Damage!

The biggest challenge you as a homeowner face is about finding the interior problems that slowly and steadily damage your entire house. And if it is water damage, then the consequences can be really serious. But we all know that spotting water damage in the house can be really tough.  Especially, if it’s an area like a bathroom where there is moisture everywhere, you can’t easily find out the source of water damage or even its occurrence until it’s very late.

Clear Signs of Water Damage or Leakage in Your Bathroom!

Bathrooms are the most frequently used place in your house. And if there’s water damage here, it’s imperative to cure it during its onset so that the issue doesn’t grow big and impact the structure entirely. And to know about those issues, read the signs listed below:

  • Too Wet Walls — Yes, we agree that the walls and floor of the bathroom are always wet. But if you haven’t used the room for a long time and the water has evaporated with the help of an exhaust fan and you can still see the walls and the floors wet, then there is definitely some leakage in the room which should be cured instantly.
  • Musty Smell— If you have a consistent musty and damp smell coming from the bathroom, then there is certainly something wrong here. It can probably be the water leakage from the ceiling, walls or even the floor that stays in a closed room and causes the smell.
  • Recurring Mould and Mildew in the Bathroom Surfaces — This issue, you will mostly see on the bathroom ceilings and on the walls. If you catch a constant recurrence of mould and mildew in your bathroom surfaces even after cleaning them, then there is surely a leakage problem somewhere in the area.
  • Soft or Slippery Floor — If your home is built with wooden flooring then most probably your bathroom will have plywood as the sub-flooring. This gets softer due to water leakage around the area. Also, if your tiles appear to be unusually slippery or sticky even after cleaning, then again, water leakage is a rising issue here. To solve the issue, you should directly connect with Best Skills for waterproofing in Auckland. They’ll do a perfect job of waterproofing your bathroom with their right skills and knowledge in .the field
  • Gaps between your Tiles and Warped Walls — If your tiles show visible gaps and your grout is often found filled with water, even this is a sign of water damage. Also, warped, drenched walls with bubbles are a clear sign of this prevailing issue in your bathroom. 

If you catch any of these issues in your bathroom, don’t delay in calling the professionals for help! They’ll check the place inside out and point out the exact issue that your bathroom has. Only after this inspection, can you get the best solution for this drastic problem in your bathroom. 

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