6 Important Elements In Interior Design You Should Never Ignore

As the saying goes, the devil is indeed in the details. Especially during designing an interior space. The key is paying attention to small details. Some tricks used in interior designing are so simple that you think it is counter-intuitive. Here are some tips and tricks that you should know before designing the interior of your own space. 

1. Patterns

You do not have to stick to the same pattern for a whole room. You can mix them and make them unique. If you are planning to decorate a smaller compact space, then it is good to go for prints and busier-looking decor. Cushions and rugs can be good investments in such spaces. Food plain white spaces, large and bold patterns do great.

2. Get Plants

Indoor plants add depth and character to the room. If you feel like needing a signature piece or having a space to fill, do it with plants and it will look much better. It gives that much-needed color to any room that needs it, even in commercial spaces. Mason jars, earthen pots, or even terrariums can hold them depending on your likes.

3. Make that unique kitchen space

Concrete top dining table spaces are trending right now. They are easier to clean and add rustiness to the kitchen area which you can pair up with classic high chairs for the kitchen island and marble or easy-to-clean surfaces as countertops. Make sure you add colors that match your aesthetic and show your style to make the area unique and elegant.

4. Filling the walls.

Sometimes a large painting will do the job of filling up a wall but you can also add mirrors. You can hang the painting on one side and add one more on the other and see how it opens up the space and makes it look beautiful and rightly done. These tips are simple and make the place look much better. 

5. Use Multiples of the Same Element

Small objects when clustered together look good as decor. From cushions to vases, everything looks better in this case. They do not have to match but look visually similar so that they match with the total vibe you are trying to create in the room. You can have cushions of different patterns and add things that can bring some soulfulness to the room. 

6. Focus on Negative space. 

Space your furniture to have enough breathing space between them so that empty spaces can also bring an impact to your room. You do not have to go looking for pieces in every single area. Bring in pieces you love slowly and steadily when you have the time. Interior designing is all about figuring out what personality you need to give out when someone enters your space. 

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