How Can You Prevent Accidental Falls Inside Your Home?

Even though falls inside homes are quite common, they can also be prevented most of the time. There are certainly some general things that you can perform around your house, which will quickly lower your potential for falls. Some of the most popular solutions are ensuring your stairways, rooms and hallways are well-lit, and you use nightlights inside stairs & bathrooms. Furthermore, you should also be avoiding the use of rugs that do not come with slip-resistant backing – which will ensure that the carpet stays at its own place. 

But, the above-mentioned tips & tricks are not the end of all because there are certainly other ones that you should know as well. With that being stated, we are sharing some useful ways through which you can prevent falls inside your house – created in collaboration with a home inspector in Forth Worth

For Bathroom

  • Ensure that all the floor surfaces are dry and clutter-free.
  • Make sure mats that are non-skid are placed outside of the bathtub or shower, which will provide a perfect place to rest your feet as you step out.
  • Use rubber mats inside the shower for providing traction when standing while showering.
  • In case you have seniors inside your home, then proceed to use handles for showers, tubs and toilets and so on.

For Kitchen

  • It should be noted that you should always keep your kitchen floor surfaces clutter-free and dry. This will prevent any slipping on the kitchen floors.
  • Keep your cupboard and appliance doors closed. 
  • Always use easy-to-reach locations for obtaining your most-used supplies. In that way, you don’t have to move away much from your main cooking area. 
  • Try to keep the heavier items inside the lower stacks of your kitchen cupboards.
  • Use a step stool whenever required, as it will help you to get to places that are hard-to-reach inside your kitchen.

For Stairways

  • Ensure that there is an excellent graspable handrail on the side of the stairs.
  • Keep the stairs free from all kinds of clutter and toys, so that traversing them makes it easy.
  • Stair carpeting can also be done and thereby reduce the falls significantly. 
  • In case you have bare stairs, then ensure that they have a non-skid surface.
  • Pathways at the top & bottom should be clear without any obstructions for free movement.

For Outdoors

  • All of the entrances should be well-lit.
  • If you have decks or staircases on the outside, ensure that they have handrails and are in well-repaired form.
  • In case you have bare stairs, make sure that they have a non-skid surface.
  • All the walkways and stairways should be free from ice, snow, leaves and other materials.
  • Various kinds of tools (such as gardening tools), should be put away when not in use.
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