Air Duct: Significance of Getting It Cleaned

Not many people are aware of the importance of cleaning the duct areas. The level of dust elevates due to unclean air ducts as the dirt in there sticks to the duct surfaces and may not reach up to the living area. Although there is no evidence that the dust in air ducts can cause any potential health risk, it’s important to clean them and here is why.

Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

Clean the air ducts in your home, if you notice substantial mould growth within the hard surface ducts and also on components of heating and cooling systems. Majority of heating and cooling system sections is inaccessible for inspection and hence, commercial cleaning in Brisbane offers the best cleaning services of air ducts too.

Mould Growth

Be aware that a substance may look similar to a mould but only an expert can tell you what it is in actuality. With the help of some basic analysis, final confirmation can be done. Insulated air ducts when gets mouldy, removal or replacement is the only solution. The main cause of mould growth should be detected in the first place to ensure there is no recurrence of mould formation. Ducts get infested with insects or rodents. They are also clogged with higher amounts of debris and dust.

Find The Root Cause

If the conditions mentioned above exist, it’s time to get the air ducts cleaned. Before cleaning or refitting your ducts, the main causes must be identified to ensure that the problem doesn’t crop up. As per research, when you clean the components of the heating and cooling systems such as heat exchangers, fans and cooling coils, it makes the system more efficient and the outcome is higher durability. Besides, you save on the maintenance and energy costs.

Air Ducts To Be Cleaned Occasionally

Consider cleaning the air ducts as it does get dirty after some time. However, it should be cleaned occasionally. If there is a stove, fuel-burning furnace or fireplace, inspect them to ensure that they are functioning properly. Also, servicing is important before the next heating season begins to guard against poisoning due to carbon monoxide.

If you wish to get your air ducts service, take the required precautions you would normally do to assess the service provider’s reliability.

When you approach the service providers, they may suggest the application of chemical biocide to the internal parts of the ducts to kill germs and moulds. By doing so, it also prevents biological formation soon. A sealant may also be applied to prevent dirt and dust particles to release in the air or to seal the leaks in the duct. Before you get this done, you have a clear understanding of the benefits of the application of sealants or chemical biocides. It is important to prevent contamination by not letting the dust or dirt enter the system.

Tips To Avoid Contamination Of Ducts

  • Consider the air filter with high efficiency and change the filters from time to time.
  • If filters are clogged, try to replace them frequently
  • There should be no missing filters as there are high chances of air bypassing filters from the gaps from the filter holder.
  • During maintenance of heating and cooling systems, get the drain pans and cooling coils cleaned too.
  • If any renovation or construction work is going on, it produces a higher amount of dust. Avoid using the heating and cooling system until you clean up the dust.
  • Clean the dusted area and vacuum your home frequently.
  • If the heating system has an in-duct humidification machine, it should be operated and maintained as suggested by the manufacturer. 
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  • Afton Jackson

    August 12, 2020 at 1:19 am

    Thank you for pointing out that ducts can get infested with rodents and insects and that this can cause very serious health risks if the […] Read MoreThank you for pointing out that ducts can get infested with rodents and insects and that this can cause very serious health risks if the duct remains uncleaned. My aunt has always been proud of how well-equipped her house is when it comes to cooling and heating, but we've recently gotten some messages from her about foul smells whenever she uses her heating system. After confirming that it only happens when she uses the heater, it convinces me that there's a build-up of dirt somewhere in her ducts, so I'll get an air duct cleaning service to help her get rid of this. Read Less

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