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"Cool Innovation: An upstart hopes to make rival cooling companies sweat."

The Economist Magazine

"Squeezing Humidity
Out of the Air

The New York Times

"Staying Dry & Comfortable With Liquid Desiccants"

Engineered Systems Magazine

"Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification For Challenging Environments"

Engineered Systems Magazine

Advantix: A cool idea from an unlikely place

Marc Gunther Blog

Advantix Systems Awarded "Product of the Week"

Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration News

"Bright 'n Green Mixed-use Project Implements Multifaceted Clean Air Systems"

New York Real Estate Journal

"Advantix targets
drying costs"

Injection World Magazine

"HVAC: Controlled Comfort, Controlled Cost"

Distributed Energy Magazine

"Hospitals Seek Cleaner, Greener Air Solutions"

Healthcare Purchasing News

"Advantix Systems Wins
2012 Institute for Food Technologists (IFT)
Innovation Award"

Sustainable Plant Magazine

"Plastic Mold Operators Cut Energy Costs in Half and Improve Cycle Time By 35% Using Innovative Salt Water Technology"

Plastics Engineering

"I.F.T. unveils innovation
award winners"

Food Business News

"Grocery store to save
$35K with green
air-conditioning unit"


"State-of-the-art ice arena installs Advantix equipment to dehumidify rink and save energy."

Rink Magazine

"Advantix has cool ideas for low-cost A/C

South Florida Business Journal

"Maximizing Energy Efficiency In Food Processing

Food Manufacturing Magazine

"Humidity Control & Cooling in Pharmaceutical
Manufacturing Facilities"

"Ice arena is expected to reduce energy, water costs by more than 60%

"Dead Sea Inspires Advantix Systems’ Cooling Tech

Green Prophet

"Liquid Desiccant Systems Save Energy and Improve Indoor Air Quality
Sustainable Planet

"Dead Sea Inspires Advantix Systems’ Cooling Tech

Environmental Leader

"Liquid Desiccant Systems Save Energy and Improve Indoor Air Quality
Clean Technia

"Breathing Easy Inside" -- Liquid Desiccant A/C fills Health Clubs with fresh air

Miami Sports Magazine

White Papers

Liquid Desiccant

Liquid Desiccant
Air Conditioning
& the Healthcare Industry

The Problem of
Poor Indoor Air Quality
in Schools

Reducing Energy Consumption
in Ice Rinks

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For more information about how Advantix Systems' Liquid Desiccant technology can help you and your business with your cooling and dehumidification needs, please contact us for a free consultation at 888.818.5171 or click here to schedule a free consultation at your convenience.

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