Backyard Design Ideas for Contemporary Houses

Contemporary landscaping is one concept that stuck with all the designers and is still one of the high demand work. It is not the same as modern landscaping, which goes for minimalist designs and concrete or metals for bringing in the urban look to space. At the same time, contemporary landscaping is a different concept altogether. It goes for a nature inculcated look with mainly greenery and wood accents and is a very different concept if compared with modern landscaping. 

The concept

Contemporary landscaping is about giving the space a formal and minimalist look. It is a not-so-rigid setup that is made without a proper structure. It can be made overwhelming depending on the demands put forward but also can be made natural and simple too. The concept gives a lot of opportunities to work with. You can have common gas fire pits like in Australia in your backyard and still call it contemporary design. This particular type does not have the same set of rules as modern designers follow. 

Less is more

When you work with backyard ideas with a contemporary angle, your primary goal should be being able to work with what is already available and make it look great. There are many examples of how surprisingly that turned out if you do your research. If the property already has native trees that need a little trimming to add to the already set plan or giving a wooden touch to anything like a bench or dine-out area will make space look way too cool. Even if you get to work with only a little space, the contemporary concept is a good way to set up your backyard.

Adding wood and other earthly elements 

Having more natural elements in the open space will enhance your interest in spending more time with it. You can bring this feel by giving the wood shade as well as pots or metallic elements to the already added materials to the backyard design layout. Work it out with what the designer and the owner wants and find a sweet spot where both the ideas meet. You can make your dull backyard into a beautiful area where you will look forward to spending time every day and watch dusk with your loved ones. Combining wood elements with rocks will add a nice touch to the whole space and make it feel a very comforting and calm area to spend your time when you are at home. 

You can also go for a little gardening and have flowers but make sure that they are strategically planned so that it does not feel overcrowded. Keep it to the borders of the area or cover the lawn with flowers. When modern ideas do not match with your concept, you can always turn towards the contemporary setting. 

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