A Comfy Home Calls for Comfortable Furniture Pieces!

Our passion for luxurious homes continues beyond considering the comfort factor! But sometimes these comfy pieces of home décor are what we miss strongly even in a well-furnished, classy looking home. Because though without much ado, some pieces of home décor add their feeling of homeliness to our houses even though they seemingly don’t make much difference in the bling factor of the place.

Be it a Danish chair, or a spongy grandmama’s armchair, or a perfect lounger, their role in your perfect interior décor may not be much, but they certainly add a sweet feeling to your home. While most of the time such pieces are passed on to us as family heirlooms or are gifted by someone, but sometimes you can buy it from some good furniture stores too. In Auckland, LuxLiving is one such store that has some extremely homely, comfortable yet luxurious pieces of furniture for your personal haven.

Friendly Furniture Pieces for a Comfortable Home!

We know we are stressing about the comfort factor here, but these pieces can even look stylish and luxurious. Apart from these, they can be further adorned by adding a dash of paint or polish and can thus stay with you for decades. So, let’s read about such long lasting furniture friends of yours that can create a comfortable home:

  • The Traditional Leather Armchair — We all have that favourite chair located in our library or living room. And this chair just engulfs us like a mother’s womb whenever we want to relax or soothe ourselves.  Such a traditional, leather armchair can accompany you for decades in your favourite room. And keeping it in your home also provides that classic look to your interiors.
  • The Basic Wooden Dining Table— Dining tables have evolved from being wooden to being made of glass and even fibre. But the sturdiness of having one in basic wooden material with the traditional feel is something that makes mealtimes something to look forward to. It not only gives a traditional look to your dinette but also provides grandeur during festivities.
  • The Spongy Footstool— We have almost forgotten about the addition of a footstool in the modern interior décor designs. But they existed, and just how! You can always add one to provide maximum comfort to your feet and when it matches the look of your lounge or sofa, even the aesthetic enhances. Imagine the comfort of putting your feet up after a long day – priceless!
  • Wooden Chest of Drawers— A wooden chest of drawers with a rustic look and buttoned handles is one piece of furniture that’s often your life saviour and a favourite place to dump all your essentials. We always prefer it at our bedside — that’s where it looks classy and provides comfortable convenience.
  • Chesterfield Sofa— Though some call it old fashioned, but a chesterfield sofa, especially of leather, is the best piece of interior to be added in your living room. The timeless feeling of comfort with its rounded edges and the vintage feel often adds the finishing touch to your home décor.

These pieces of furniture are more secondary in preferences when we are considering home décor designs. But they do exist and provide utmost comfort to you. That’s why you often tag them as your favourite place in the home and only we know how true it is!

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