Different types of Conveyor Belts and their Significance

Earlier human labor was extensively used for carrying heavy goods from one point to another. The advent of conveyor belt system has changed the way this task is currently performed. Today scientifically advanced conveyor belt systems are implemented in most heavy industries. 

The belts are designed such that they have managed to replace the entire labor system which earlier used to handle the movement of goods. The belts also offer advanced safety levels to the labors in the industries. 

What Are Conveyor Belts?

These are advanced types of belt systems that are designed to move goods from one place to another without physical labor involved. The entire system makes use of multiple belts, pulley systems, and gears. This is designed to help eliminate the need for moving goods manually and to streamline the entire process.

The belts are commonly used in wide areas within the heavy industries and airport authorities. 

Technology Used in the Conveyor Belt System

In the present time, the conveyor belts are making use of advanced technology that is controlled automatically via controls. The belt system is, in fact, more sophisticated than what it seems to be. In the present time, the industries are making a selection of advanced materials for manufacturing these belts.

Each type of belt that is used in the industry has been made up of different materials, depending on the area of usage. So if you need to move precious stones from one place to another, then a woven belt may not be recommended.

The selection of different types of conveyor belts is made by the industry after looking into the product type that has to be moved from one point to another. The selection can be a bit tricky process and has to be done by experts.

You can search for different types of conveyor belt materials online using the keywords belt conveyor. 

Types of Conveyor Belts 

  • Generalized Conveyor Belt

This type of conveyor belt is also termed as the solid type of conveyor belt. This is also one of the most common types of conveyor belt that is used. These types are widely used in most industries to move solid packages from one point to another.

The main advantage is that solid conveyor belts are widely made out of a common type of solid rubber material and so it is more durable types. They are also made up of different materials like neoprene, nylon, and polyester. 

One of the most common applications of these belts is within the mining industry where gravels and rocks have to be moved from one location to another. As the belts are made up of rubber material so it is also considered to be water-resistant and can handle wet gravels.

For different applications, belts of different thicknesses and sizes are used. They are also ideal to withstand high temperatures in the industry.

  • Filter Belts

This is a special type of conveyor belt that is used where the smaller particles of solids have to be filtered. The most common applications of this type of belt can be seen in the Gold mining industry where small gold gravels have to be separated from the soil debris. 

These types of conveyor belts are also commonly used in places where the water has to be filtered out of the solid debris material. They are used widely in water filtering plants.

  • Woven Belts

The belt material is made up of woven meshed material and is commonly used in the food processing and glass manufacturing industry. The type of belt is designed to pass over extreme heats to the drying process can be carried out normally.

The best part is that this type of conveyor belt is available as the pre-defined size can be custom designed as per specific requirements.

  • Hinged Belts

This is another type of belt that is widely used in places that need wide-area for rotation. The belts are designed to help move and rotate the materials along certain degrees. They are widely used in scrap moving industries, product manufacturing industry and other places that need more durable belts.

Apart from these, you also come across a plastic-type of belts that are often found in the packaging industry and food handling industry. The present type of conveyor belts is modular and advanced types.

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