Create a Cosy Ambience in Your Bedroom With the Right Choice of Curtains!

When it comes to bedroom décor, certain things take the central stage. Like you pay specific attention to your bed, cupboard, dressing table and even the chandelier that hangs on your ceiling. But often you forget the most important things which can actually impact your decor a lot. Like, the curtains. Often you will see that curtains are side-lined and are considered a secondary part of your home decor. But we strongly oppose this thought and emphasise on the fact that curtains can be the mood changer for your entire bedroom.

Special Tips Related to Curtains for Your Bedroom!

Whether you have long or short windows in your bedroom, if you aren’t choosing your curtains wisely, the entire ambience of your home and your décor gets impacted drastically. That is why we thought to dig up on this information and bring you the best-found tips to design the most attractive looking curtains for your bedroom.

  • The type of curtains you like —Before you go in the market to select the type of fabric and print you would like on your curtains, pay special attention to the type of curtains you are choosing. Like there are wave or pinch pleat curtains from Made Curtains and other such types of drapes as well which have the power to add a charming persona to your room. So, browse through all those types of curtains, read their pros and cons carefully and check if these match your windows perfectly and then decide upon the type that would suit your windows. Remember, the kind of curtain you choose can create the illusion you want for your room. For example – a floor to ceiling curtain can make your room seem taller – so make your choice after ample consideration.
  • Choose the colour in keeping with your décor — Now comes the turn of the look you are choosing for your curtains. Close your eyes and think for a minute — what type of curtains would you like for your room? Whether you like to blend in or stand out? Whatever you are choosing, see to it that it would enhance the beauty of your interior decor rather than making it fall flat. Pick a colour that is reflected in the room somehow – whether it is the wall colour or the soft furnishings. Softer colours create a sweet aura. Or perhaps, you want the curtains to take centre stage. Then go for bold colours and prints.
  • The fabric stays important— Even the fabric that you choose for your curtains in your bedroom stays very important. If you opt for a thick fabric, it will block the sunlight and make you feel cosier in the room. And the sheer ones obviously play hide and seek with the natural light. Next, you need to decide if you want to go for the bling of silk, the smartness of cotton or linen, or the seductive vibe of lace – so on and so forth.

We hope your curtains become the magical component of your bedroom and make it look all the more impressive. After all, the cosy feeling that you get in your bedroom is the part and parcel of these curtains. 

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