How does an expert team perform deep cleaning tasks for wooden floors?

Wooden floors always look wonderful. If you love having wooden floors then you have to maintain them for years. Well-maintained floors will always improve the looks indoors. But wooden floors are not easy to maintain. The cleaning task has to be performed on a daily basis.

Homeowners always tend to hire an expert cleaning team for wooden floors. You can search for the best wood floor cleaning in San Diego online. A professional wooden floor cleaning service will always be willing to perform the task for you.

Before you hire any expert team, it is better to get familiar with their work mode. Professional floor cleaning services will always follow their strict pattern.

Everyday dusting

Wooden floors have to be dusted every day. This is important if you want to maintain the flooring in top condition. Professional services will ensure that the floor is cleaned on a daily basis. They will sweep the floor.

A professional team will always try and carry out dry sweeping techniques. They make use of the quality sweeping tool. Some of them might even use gentle cloth fabric to perform this task.

Regular mop

Mopping tasks are important. For wooden floors, you cannot overlook the benefits of a good mopping task. Hardwood can accumulate grease particles. Other debris and dust particles can accumulate as well. If the floor is made up of small or big planks, then dust and debris are common.

This is where mopping proves of more help. It is always advisable to make use of plain water when mopping the floor. All types of disinfectants may not be ideal for use on wooden floors. The disinfectant you use should not damage the floor.


Even if the floor is mopped and dusted every day, vacuuming is essential. Vacuuming will ensure that no dust particles are left accumulated in between the wooden planks. The vacuum task should be performed by an expert team.

You should only make use of a soft bristle vacuum brush. Gentle strokes are only advisable. Using harsh strokes can lead to scratches on the wooden floor planks. A good wood floor cleaning service will only hire the best vacuuming staff.

Buffing action

Do not leave the wooden floors without buffing action. The wood may need regular buffing. This is important so the dust particles do not get accumulated deep in the open pores. Buffing cannot be performed using a harsh bristle brush.

You should always look around for a special buffing brush. Experts use one that helps clear out the dust particles. They will also ensure that the brush leaves the top surface shining. A good quality non-abrasive towel fabric material is the ideal choice.

The polishing task is performed by an expert team at least once a month. They will make use of quality polishing material. Wax polish is not recommended for all types of wooden flooring.

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