Dry vs. Steam Carpet Cleaning: Which Should You Choose?

Periodic cleaning of carpet is necessary to maintain their health. If the time has come to clean your carpet, you must have one question plaguing you. Which is a better option for carpets; dry cleaning or steam cleaning? The only way you can choose between the two is by knowing how they work and are different. Here you will find how each method benefits and what each lack.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

  • Procedure: Dry carpet cleaning takes things a step further by using compound cleaning agents to ensure deep cleansing. In this method, the carpet fibres are pre-treated with a substance that dissolves dirt, oil, and other sediments. The compound is brushed into the carpet and vacuumed along with dirt later.
  • Advantages: This method uses less water. As such, the drying time is up to 30 minutes to one hour. Dry cleaning is also suitable when homeowners want to spot clean. It is also useful when high traffic on the carpet is unavoidable. Therefore, not just residences but commercial spaces can use this method too.
  • Disadvantages: Since dry carpet cleaning uses chemical compounds, the chances of a residual is high. This can induce allergies in some and quickly age the rug over time. Moreover, this method is meant for cleaning and not a good option when you need to disinfect or rejuvenate the carpet.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

  • Procedure: During carpet steam cleaning Brisbane rug cleaners use vaporized water to clean. The water vapours are heated and then applied on the carpet using a machine similar to a vacuum cleaner. Since the heat is to an exceptional degree, it dissolves dirt and stain or smells build up.
  • Advantages: Steam cleaning offers a much more comprehensive clean than other types for cleaning methods. It is a perfect solution for restoring rugs from dirt build-up, pressure marks, or matting. Since only water is used in this method, there is no risk of allergies or chemical residue and disinfects the carpet thoroughly. When all other methods fail, steam cleaning is your last and best resort.
  • Disadvantages: One of the biggest disadvantages of steam cleaning is that it require rental equipment that is heavy and inconvenient to transport. Moreover, this method is costlier than others. Yet another disadvantage is that steam cleaning may not always remove all stains, especially if they are too old or deep. Since this method uses water, it will take at least 24 hours to dry.


Both steam and dry cleaning can have their advantages and disadvantages. Steam cleaning rejuvenates and thoroughly cleans rugs but needs a second cleaning (in a few weeks) for the best results. Whereas, dry cleaning takes less time but may give allergies. Your choice should take your carpet and situation into account.

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