Why Getting an Electric Boiler is the Right Choice for Your Home Heating Needs?

Do you stay in a place where you cannot connect with the gas network? Then electricity could be a viable option for warming up your space! It is an efficient way of heating the system up and central heating is just the right option for you. Let us explore as to what makes electric boiler ideal for your house heating needs.

Home Heating

When you wish to warm up your space then a central heating system can come in handy. Storage heaters have a different way of working. They take the electricity in during the night time. And heat it up in the heat-retaining bricks. This energy can then be given to your space throughout the day to keep the room heated. Moreover, the heat provided is on demand which means that even economy tariffs are not applicable. You also have the option of deciding as to how much heat you want with the help of controls. If this is not viable then you can go for wet electric systems that have water-filled radiators. They work just like the normal radiators and the only difference is that they use electricity for heating up the water. An electric central heating boiler is indeed a very helpful option. 

Electric Boilers for Home Heating

An electric boiler works similar to any other type of boiler. The only difference is that it uses electricity as the fuel. The heating element is used to warm up water just like a kettle does. The pumps move this water to the radiators which are in your house. You can get the hot water in a specific outlet or you can also get it to a water storage tank. An advantage of this boiler system is that you will save up on tariff charges and you can also heat the water during the night. On the other hand, a combi boiler will cost you more in the daytime rate. 

Heat pumps are used to redistribute the heat instead of generating it. The heat pumps absorb energy from the air or the ground and then it concentrates the same via a pump. This in turn is then used for heating a room. 

 Advantages of an Electric Central Heating System

  • There are a lot of reasons as to why electricity is a highly efficient form of energy. It is very clean as compared to the gas or oil.
  • When storage heaters are in place there is minimum heat loss since no water travels through pipes.
  • With a traditional central heating system you will not get any individual control. In case you wish to heat a single room, you would have to turn on the entire network. But with electric heaters, you have the option of heating a certain room independently.
  • The storage heaters are very cheap to install. They certainly don’t need an expensive pipe network or even fuel. You would require very less effort to maintain the storage heaters.
  • When compared to gas, electricity from the mains is available readily. You will not have to bother about oil or solid fuels at all as the work is done automatically when electricity is available. For getting the electric boiler fixed you should consult electric boiler installation London

How to Save Big on Electric Heating? 

There are various storage heating options and you would have to spend on electric boiler, heat pump and the like to keep your house warm. However, there are ways in which you can save money on the heating system. One such thing is to shop while comparing the brands, services and their prices. Don’t just buy the first thing you see and take your time to do the analysis. 

Thus, an electric boiler is a good option for you in case you are looking for central heating that is efficient. It can be priced on the higher side but will certainly provide the quality and consistency. Moreover, you would not have to worry about fuel such as gas or oil and can rely on electricity alone. 





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