What Types Of Contaminants Do Experts Treat When Cleaning Your Carpet?

Carpets are exposed to all types of contaminants. But only experts are aware of this factor. If you perform a DIY task, you are only aware of the dust particles and stains. But several other contaminants have to be treated as well.

This is why you may need to hire the best carpet cleaning services. Professional carpet cleaning services will deep-clean the carpet for all types of contaminants. This is also one of the reasons experts will charge more money when cleaning the carpet.

Contaminant types that only experts treat when cleaning the carpets

Different types of contaminants are concerning. Professionals make use of different techniques to treat each contaminant.

  1. Skin cells

Skin cells are the most common contaminants. The carpet can easily accumulate dead skin cells for days or months. In most cases, the cells are not visible. You keep inhaling dead skin the moment you relax on the carpet.

The cells are also airborne as they are microscopic. If inhaled, your health can get affected. This is why experts will always use quality shampoo to treat the carpet.

  1. Bugs

Any carpet will have bugs even if you are used to vacuuming the carpet every day, still, bugs are present. Bug treatment has to be done for all types of carpets. These are generally unwanted and can infest any carpet. They can cause skin rashes.

  1. Molds

Molds are common if the climate is humid. Even if your kid wets the carpet then molds can flourish. Molds can seriously affect your health if inhaled. They can cause respiratory conditions. This is why experts will always recommend changing the carpet if it is infected by mold. The spores of the molds can be poisonous.

  1. Pollen

You may not notice pollen present on the carpet for years. They can be microscopic. They are usually hidden in the fiber of the carpet. Pollens may also trigger allergic reactions in most cases the condition can get severe if you have asthma

If the condition gets severe then you may not be able to control it. It can also lead to death on account of choking. Experts understand this and they always pay attention and take precautions. Professional carpet cleaners will always use a mild detergent to clean the pollen for the carpet.

  1. Feces

Feces are the droppings of insects and animals. If you have a pet dog then feces are common on carpets. Some animals feel it more comfortable to drop the feces on the carpet. If it is left untreated overnight then it can stain the carpet.

But you can hire a professional team to get the carpet cleaned at least once a month. Professionals will always treat the carpet for all types of stains.

The above list is only an example. There could be several other contaminants that can infest the carpet. Proper treatment is essential.

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