Tips For Fast and Efficient House Cleaning

Adulting is hard as it is and then comes responsibilities. You have your own house to clean and maintain which comes as a huge issue when you own your own space. Everybody has their own pace to do things and different ways on how they like to keep space. Everybody likes a good well-kept house that is clean and smells fresh. Here are some tips to keep your house spotless and maintain it effortlessly. 

  1. Plan to clean the whole house and not one room at a time

One thing about being lazy about cleaning is you keep cleaning the rooms you use the most and thus end up not caring much for the rest of your house. This is not a good approach. It is better if you do the dusting, vacuuming, and mopping at the same time in all the rooms. This will help you do the tasks better than getting bored of doing all these tasks over and over again. 

  1. Gather your tools

If you have all the tools you want from caddy, bucket, or tote to everything in one portable setup then it makes it easier to get the whole job done. You will not be wasting time looking for the tools every time you want them or be taking a break to look for them and get bored in the process. When you keep all the things together, you do not have to worry about finding them for your next cleaning day. 

  1. Clearing the clutter

The first step before you start cleaning the rooms is to clear the clutter. If you clear the clutter and then start cleaning, you can finish faster. If you aim to clear the clutter during dusting then you might feel like it is taking long and tiresome. Clear the clutter, remove the old magazines, stack up against your shoe rack and other things that are lying around first and then start cleaning. 

  1. Dust and Vacuum

Concentrate on dusting the top of furniture and shelves first so that you can clean the dirty floor later. Experts of carpet cleaning in Sydney suggest that you spend some time vacuuming the carpet every week carefully for a long life span. Clean TV, appliances, and other knick-knacks before you get to dusting. Change the sheets and use a mop or broom to clean hard-to-reach areas. 

  1. Wiping Glasses and Mirrors

The best way to keep your glass and mirrors clean is to wipe them with a damp microfiber cloth. Since these areas will be dusty in general, do it often so that they stay clean. Window glasses and mirrors get so much attention if they are unclean. Make sure these are clean before you vacuum the house. Disinfect the sensitive and high traffic areas. 

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