Five HVAC tips you should know – choosing the right contractor

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Selecting the appropriate HVAC contractor is an essential question to master because not all contractors are the same. By doing some research can make a significant difference between getting professional service and just getting ripped off. In most case, HVAC contractors have a bad reputation because generally, they aren’t actually professionals, but instead, a couple of handymen with trucks and essential tools. Don’t let this fact turn you away from professionals who deserve your attention because not all of them are bad. So, here are four things that will help you choose the best HVAC contractor in the market.

Be wary of estimates over the phone

Each air conditioning unit behaves uniquely, so no one can provide you an accurate estimate over the phone. Numerous factors should be taken into consideration, and the HVAC contractor can’t analyze them over the phone. So, if he tries to give you a bid over the phone, he is either inexperienced, or he is trying to get business without spending time and gas. When the contractor visits your object, make sure he inspects everything before providing a bid. A professional will crawl in your attic, walk around the entire house to review everything before he makes the final decision.

Be careful when HVAC contractor replaces your unit

HVAC System

An average air conditioning unit lasts between 10 and 15 years. Is 1990 LC AC the same as the 2018 unit? A professionally trained HVAC contractor will propose you several options to bring your home up to date and increase the efficiency of your HVAC. If he tries to sell you the same or older model, then he is trying to get rid of his old inventory. Nowadays, homeowners want energy efficient units, and it’s pretty rare to find the same HVAC system you used before.

Pay attention to an experience

Like in any business, the experience is a crucial thing. But, also be wary of someone who is telling you that he has been doing things this way for the last 20 years. Air conditioning business is evolving, like all technology. You should make sure that your contractor is skilled and follow the latest trends in this industry. Experience is essential, but it’s not everything. For instance, the most talented technicians have a computer background, and they are in their twenties. Shocking, right!

The HVAC contractor should be licensed

The HVAC contractor should be licensed

Unfortunately, many HVAC contractors claim to be authorized, but in reality, they are working under the radar. So, when you are hiring a new contractor, pay attention to everything because there is too much at stake. A licensed professional is trained to manage gas lines and electrical and plumbing systems. You don’t want to hire someone who doesn’t know how to close the gas supply or adequately dispose of refrigerant. The license number should be marked clearly on their website, and without a license, there is no insurance. So, don’t trust anyone who doesn’t provide required qualifications.