Furnace Maintenance: Heating & Cooling System

Heating systems are easy to maintain and does not give much trouble. If it’s running efficiently, it is the outcome of timely maintenance. Regardless of the type of furnace you possess, many things can be done to ensure that the heating system works in the best condition. Read on to understand some basic tips on how to service your furnace.

Furnace Maintenance

If the cooling or heating system is not functioning the way it should, one of its main components may be the main cause of the issue. the main components include thermostat, distribution system and heat or cold source. If the air-conditioner furnace stops to function, then it could be due to malfunctioning. The furnace may not have the power and fuel may be unreachable towards the unit. If the source of fuel is oil or gas, there may not be an ignition. The air-conditioner or the furnace is turning on but the cool or warm air is not passing through your room, this could be an issue with the distribution system or blower. These are some of the problems one faces with the furnace, but with a bit of patience and wise steps, the problem can be resolved. When you seek home inspections in Michigan, the inspectors identify the problem instantly and suggest the way out to fix the problem.

Check the Fuse

Ensure that your unit is getting sufficient power. Check if the fuses are blown or circuit breakers are tripped at the common entrance panel. There are furnaces which come with a separate entrance for power situated at a different panel close to the main entrance panel. You can see that some furnaces come with fuses that are either on the unit or mounted in.

Reset the Button

If there is a reset button on the unit, wait for thirty minutes until the motor cools off. Thereafter, you can press the button. In spite of this procedure, if the unit fails to work, press the reset button once more. Some units have a power switch separately, so ensure that you turn on the switch.

The thermostat must be set properly. If the unit works on gas, the gas supply must be turned on. Don’t forget to light the pilot light. On the other hand, if the unit uses oil, ensure that there is sufficient oil supply.

Safety Tips For Furnace Maintenance

  • Before you start any kind of work related to cooling or heating system, be sure that you have turned off the power of the system. The main entrance of the electrical panel is the next focus. The fuse should be removed and circuit breaker to be tripped to turn off the power of the entire house. If there is a separate panel, the breaker can be tripped and fuse to be removed.
  • If you notice that the fuse is blowing and circuit is tripping continually each time the air-conditioner or furnace is turned on, there could be an issue with the electrical system. If such is the case, don’t try to fix it on your own. Seek help from a professional.
  • If you notice the smell of gas, avoid shutting off the gas or turning off the lights. Simply sneak out of the house with your family, but leave the door open. Without waiting any further, call the fire department or gas company to report a leakage. Do not enter your home until the professionals fix the problem.
  • To ensure your cooling and heating systems is in the best condition, getting it serviced annually through professionals helps. Get the furnace serviced when the heating season is coming to an end. Due to off-season, you can avail special discounts and also expect prompt service. Get your air-conditioner also checked at the same time. 
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