A Quick Checklist to Get Ready for a Kitchen Renovation!

Tired of your old kitchen and want to give it a new twist? Great! Kitchen renovations are so very fruitful! They provide you with the ease of moving and working in your kitchen space along with making it look attractive too. But, isn’t it essential to get ready for your much needed kitchen renovations first? You obviously have it loaded till the top and you’ll require prepping a lot of things before the essential task starts.

Important Things to Check Before the Start of Kitchen Renovation!

After you hire the best company for kitchen renovation in Auckland like Reef Review Construction, be prepared with your side of arrangements too. They’ll undoubtedly do the best task of creating excellent kitchen designs for you, but even your preparations matter! Read below for the list of needful things to do before the commencement of a kitchen renovation:

  • Empty the cabinets — Your cabinets will be full of your crockery, food supplies, etc. You need to keep them empty for the renovations. Do it the first thing before the commencement of the renovation work.
  • Arrange the items according to the needs —You’ll require some items for your daily needs even though the kitchen is under renovation. And some might be long forgotten (till Christmas next year!). Arrange all items according to the need and usage and pack the ones that are not to be used soon in a separate box. You’ll also need to empty the pantry — sort the unwanted and expired items and get rid of them.
  • Take special care of the kitchen appliances— Kitchen appliances need to be taken out of this place before the work starts. You will obviously not want them to be damaged due to a sudden fall or the dust exuding from the renovation work!
  • Make a temporary kitchen— A temporary kitchen is another crucial thing to set up before your renovation work starts. Plan it on your deck as an outdoor kitchen or somewhere else in the house. But ensure this kitchen has all the essentials you’ll require for your daily cooking and prepping of meals – no matter how basic.
  • Cover all the items in the other rooms as well — Though it’s only the kitchen that is getting renovated, your entire home tends to get affected because of the dust coming from the construction work. Ensure all your precious artworks, delicate mirrors and other furniture are well hidden under large sheets. They can thus stay clean and unaffected even though there’s renovation going on full spring in the house.
  • Ensure your kids and pets know that the kitchen is a danger zone — Your pets and kids have a habit of visiting the kitchen every second hour in a day. Train them at least a week beforehand so that they know they will get their supplies in the temporary kitchen. This will prevent them from harming themselves when they enter this place during the renovations.

A good kitchen renovation becomes easier and faster if everything is prepared well in advance! See to it that you follow the above guidelines to keep the renovation work well balanced and free of any hindrance.

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