Commercial or Residential Project – How to Hire the Right Painter Services?

Hundreds of painting contractors are available today. Some are highly skilled and work on commercial projects. Other are of commercial grade and provide quality residential painting services. But are the two services the same? This is where you need to get familiar with the real differences.

You can also search for painters in North Shore Auckland area and see how the two types work. They differ in the quality of tools used to accomplish the task. Professional painter services usually depend on multiple factors to provide quality work.

Working Employees

For any commercial-grade project, you need more number of workers employed. For getting your residential premises painted, two or three workers are sufficient. This is where the two services differ. The moment you hire commercial grade service, you will be provided with the entire work team.

Each worker in the team will be performing a dedicated task based on his expertise level. If you have a residential property that needs painting job makeover, you need fewer workers. But this does not in any way mean you need to compromise on quality.

Raw Material Amount

Residential services will always work on limited raw material and paint. This is because the experts don’t want to waste your money on an excess material purchase. The moment you hire commercial painters, they will carry raw materials based on the project size.

For bigger units, the raw material will always be purchased in mass quantities. This includes paint boxes, brush sets, and spray guns. Based on this they will try and provide you with a rough estimate for the entire project.

Experience Level

In general, commercial-grade painter services are more experienced. They are aware of all types of tools and equipment available in the market. These are a set of professionals who hold their experience in painting the entire warehouse within a few days.

When hiring residential painters, experience may not be of much importance. But at the same time, you have to focus on the quality of work accomplished. These professionals will also often make selections only after collecting reviews from the homeowners.

Availability Factor

Commercial painter services are always busier. You need to remember that any commercial project may require a full-time painting team. If the task has to be completed on time, then they will try and hire a dedicated team.

For residential projects, you can always compromise on the time factor. This is why residential painters are always available to work on multiple projects at the same time. Commercial grade painters will only focus on one project at a time.

It is also important to understand the type of services provided by the two. Residential painters may be offering limited services based on the price factor. On the other hand, commercial painting experts will try and offer something out of the box to the clients.

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