Home Appliance Maintenance 101: How To Take Care Of Your Washing Machine

Almost every homeowner has a washing machine nowadays. It’s a useful appliance that helps in not only saving your precious time but also effort. When your washing machine is working, then having clean clothes will not prove to be an issue. However, when your washing is not working as intended, then it can make your life much more difficult. 

Therefore, you have to ensure that you keep your washing machine in good shape by carrying out certain maintenance tasks, so that your washing machine lasts longer and you don’t have to spend much on servicing needs. 

Major Tips To Take Care Of Your Washing Machine

  • Cleaning The Insides

According to a popular home inspector in Orlando, cleaning the insides of your washing machine should be a part of your regular washing machine maintenance schedule. If you don’t clean your washing machine’s inside, then your clothes will not look or smell fresh as they should. This is because, over time, the dirt from the clothes tend to create a build-up of contaminants inside the washing machine, which can breed mould & mildew.

Thus, if you want to keep the insides of your washing machine clean, then you need to regularly wash its insides with a mixture of 3/4 cups of bleach along with some cleaning detergent. We suggest performing this cleaning cycle at least once per month, depending upon the clothes that you clean on an everyday basis. If you use your washing machine a lot, then you need to increase the cleaning frequency. 

  • Keeping The Washing Machine Exteriors Clean

Keeping the exteriors of your washing machine clean is pretty simple. All you need to do is to wipe any spills so that the exterior finish of your washing machine is preserved. Moreover, we also suggest cleaning the detergent dispenser of your washing machine. Additionally, you have to clean the lint filter.

  • Checking The Washing Machine Hoses

You can find the hoses at the back of your washing machine. Ensure that you keep an eye on the hoses that are connected to your washing machine, supplying & draining water. The hoses shouldn’t bend and in case your washing machine is a few years older, then you may have to change the same. Any hose leak can flood your home interiors.

That’s why it’s extremely essential to obtain a thorough inspection of the supplied home appliances (in this case washing machine) when purchasing a new home. You never know what problems that you might eventually.  

  • Always Follow The Instructions

Not every homeowner uses the recommended wash settings or detergents when using their washing machines, leading to premature damage over time. 

It’s suggested that you go through your washing machine manual and use your appliance as the way it’s intended.

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