Home Inspectors Vs Building Inspectors – Learn The Differences

Most homeowners and home buyers out there think that building inspectors and home inspectors are the same things. This is because all homes are regarded as buildings. However, you must know that things are not that simple as they look to be because each of the above-mentioned professionals has its own set of functions. 

That’s why, to help you learn the essential differences between the two professions, we have formulated this in-depth guide, in collaboration with a home inspection in Pensacola FL services. We suggest you go through it in its entirety to be able to get more knowledge regarding each profession.

The Work That A Building Inspector Does

You should learn that building inspectors are usually hired or employed by a county or town. The main function of a building inspector is to ensure that the construction site of the new house that is being built is judiciously complying with state & local building codes. The inspector also checks whether the construction company is complying with zoning & contract regulations.

The building inspectors generally check on the progress of the home construction at various times through the project life cycle. As a result, reports are submitted along the way to show off that everything is being carried out properly. 

When the project is concluded, the inspector signs off with their final inspection, thereby affirming that the building has been constructed by following all measures as intended. Some countries or states need building inspectors to be licensed, while others don’t.

The Work That A Home Inspector Does

When it comes to home inspectors, they are generally hired by prospective home buyers, who want them to inspect a house that the buyer is planning to purchase. The main job of a home inspector is to safely inspect every structural aspect of the house and locate any signs of wear & damage. 

The hired home inspector will look for the roof integrity of the house, appliances, HVAC systems, the house’s foundation, plumbing systems, electrical layouts, and other aspects of the home. Problems such as missing roof shingles, cracks in the foundation, drainage problems, plumbing leaks, and so on, are covered under the inspection service of the home inspector. 

Home inspectors will also take note of any unusual smell coming out from the interiors of the house, such as the attic and the basement. Moreover, switchboards, lighting fixtures, and improper grounding are also inspected. 

You must know those home inspectors are not mandated to be licensed, by all states and countries. Therefore, in places where there’s no mandate regarding home inspectors, the overall scope of the inspection job will vary greatly. 

With that being said, we would certainly love to help you with your next home inspection process. So, if you need reliable home inspection services, notify us today. 

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