The Most Reliable Guide on How Often You Should Paint Your House

A home and its maintenance are some of the most important things in your life! After your family and its welfare and your professional stability of course! That is why you are always concerned about every tiny detail that affects your place. And painting isn’t an exception. It’s a crucial part of your home decor and is actually the factor that adds life and essence to your home. For the ones who want their homes to always stay perfect, spic and span and beautiful, painting regularly is of prime significance. But don’t you want to know exactly when you should paint your house

The Most Appropriate Timetable to Follow for Painting Your House!

After building and designing your home or renovating it, you need to keep on following some procedures to ensure that it stays intact and looks lovely. But to achieve this, do call the best interior painters in Auckland like Ayda Painting. They do a wonderful job on your walls and make these look picture perfect with a flawless paint-job! Just to guide you better, check the below-mentioned information on how often you should paint your home:

  • The exterior — We are all under the notion that the exterior of our house asks for a new painting work sooner than that of the interiors. But this actually isn’t true. If you compare, your interior painting job is done much sooner than the exterior one. For most people, exterior home painting happens almost every 4-5 years.
  • Living and dining room — The most commonly used rooms in your house – living room and the dining room — demand a paint-job very often. You lounge, relax, hold meetings, and even host feasts in these rooms — naturally, you’ll need a fresh hand of paint on these rooms every 2-3 years.
  • Kitchen and washrooms— It’s quite imaginable that kitchen and washrooms require painting more frequently than the other rooms. The thumbprints on the walls, the constant spills, and moisture exposure are enough to destroy even the toughest variety of paint within 2-3 years.
  • Bedrooms — If it’s an adult’s bedroom, then you won’t require repainting the room for 4-5 years. But if it’s a kid’s bedroom or nursery, you just can’t predict. You may even have to greet the painter every year.
  • Corridors and hallways — This is the part of your home where you touch the walls (think of when you remove your shoes!) the moment you enter the space. Also, your extra stuff is stored in this space. This makes the paint very vulnerable and you require to have it redone after 2-3 years.

While we are stating the approximate time duration for painting and repainting your home, please understand the fact that your lifestyle, weather conditions, and kids and pets in your home may impact the life of your paints. Even the type and quality of the paint used, and the perfection of the painter’s job decide upon the longevity of the colors. 

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