How to find a real estate agent?

Buying a home or selling it is a hassle that we all have to undergo at a certain point in our lives. But if you do not make the right decisions, such as hiring a real estate agent, you can land in chaotic situations. You do not know how to negotiate with the opposite party, the surrounding area, and a number of factors. Hence, it is advisable to hire an experienced real estate broker and get rid of all the stress involved in the job. 

If you are searching for a real estate agent for a house for sale in Markham, the following are a few steps that can assist you in the process.

  • Search for referrals. 

If your friend or a cousin has sold off his home or purchased a new villa through a broker, it is your job to seek their contact details. Moreover, you can openly ask your friend or relative about their experience with the said broker. Since they know you well and are not biased about the whole broker thing, they will provide you with an honest opinion about the concerned person. You can ask questions about the charges and the kind of properties the broker showed. 

  • Search on your own. 

Though recommendations are the best source for real estate brokers, you can also search for agents on your own. Depending on the region or city you reside in, you can find local directories, internet platforms and forums, and websites where profiles of real estate brokers are displayed. It is easy to study the profile of each broker online without putting in the extra effort of calling and interacting with them. You can shortlist a few brokers (our recommendation is not more than three brokers) for further discussion. 

  • Ask specific questions about the previous experience to the brokers. 

When you have shortlisted brokers, your next task is to ask them questions about their previous clients and how they assisted them in house-hunting. Moreover, you can ask questions about your house-related requirements. You can ask them about their work process and pattern and how they deal with each client. Do they have the same rigid process, or does the work pattern vary as per the client? It is your job to ask questions as you cannot read anyone’s mind. The broker will not approach you with his work ethics; you ought to know about the same by questioning them. 

  • Confirm and negotiate the charges. 

You do not have to settle for the charges they have specified. You have the freedom to negotiate, provided the professional is genuine and friendly enough to discuss money matters. Moreover, you need to compare the rates with those of other brokers. You should not be paying extra to someone for no particular reason. 

In short, when you are aware of your requirements and can conduct extensive searches and due diligence, finding a genuine broker is not challenging at all. There is no shortage of good brokers out there, but you need to be alert and focused. 

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