How to select the best air conditioner for your home

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When the summer comes, we all think about the ways how to cool off. If central air conditioning system isn’t an option for you, then room air conditioners can be an affordable and energy-efficient alternative. If you are ready to defeat the heat, then you aren’t alone. In the last year, more than 8 million of air conditioning units were sold out in the U.S. An average American household spends around 13% of its annual utility bill on cooling. So, it is essential to choose the right unit, and we are going to help you.


split system air conditionerCapacity is one of the essential factors you should consider when buying a new AC. In most cases, capacity depends on floor size. The manufacturers often rate air conditioners based on the room size the AC is required. For instance, if space is between 150 and 180 Sq. Ft, then you will need a 1.5-ton capacity air conditioner. On the other hand, if the room large, then you will require 2-ton cooling AC. You can also explore other options, try to find commercial air conditioning installation and repair company, which can offer you customized models for your case.

Energy efficiency

Energy EfficiencyWhen the price of electricity is rising, an energy-efficient model is a must. All ACs come with a start rated energy efficient ratings, which are called EER. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency has standardized the energy efficiency. In this case, the more starts unit has, the less energy it will consume. So, you should pay attention to this detail when you are buying a new air conditioner.

The split of window AC

Although window AC is cheaper and easy to install, the split units are a quitter and aesthetically more pleasing. They will provide better air distribution than window ACs. Depending on your needs and space you want to cover with the air conditioner, you can choose between these two types. If you have limited space, then we would recommend you to install window AC.

The price of the unit

Many homeowners chose the air conditioners based on the price. For every star rating, there is an increase in price. In this case, an Inverter AC will be 20% higher than 5-start rated Split AC. But, don’t rush out with this purchase, first of all, determine your needs and then compare the prices with multiple manufacturers before you make a final decision.

Air quality

In our opinion, this is the most crucial factor you should consider. It doesn’t matter if you have the most expensive AC if it doesn’t provide an excellent air quality. Your air conditioner needs to have a good filter to improve air quality. Filter will not only produce clean air, but also enhance the cooling performance of your unit, and this will result in lower electricity bill.

Other factors

There are a couple of minor things to considers as well. For example, installation, maintenance&cleaning, cooling speed and level of noise.

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