4 Ways HVAC Age Affects Value of Your House

When putting up a house for sale, there are quite a few things to consider. While it is essential to think about the cosmetic and aesthetic side of things, your property’s mechanical components are just as important. In fact, home inspector Alamogordo NM buyers hire looks for significant defects in the mechanical system and flag them than the aesthetic elements. It may not be evident at first look, but mechanical systems like your HVAC can have a significant impact on the value of your house during the sale, and here are four ways they do:

  1. Energy savings

Older HVAC systems tend to cost a lot of energy, reflecting in the monthly electricity bills. As such, they can be a liability and cause for reduced offer price from the buyer. However, when you get a new one, you stand getting more from the sale as the system is more energy-efficient and offers better energy savings. This can convince a buyer looking for an upgraded home to make an offer.

  1. Transparent sale

During a house sale, transparency and disclosures are crucial to avoiding regretful financial mistakes from both ends. As such, the HVAC system’s age and other systems in your house will need to be revealed to a potential buyer, and they will know all the problems, if any, in the house. In some cases, the HVAC age can be a deal-breaker or lead to a later sale price concession.

  1. Comfortable tours

When potential buyers come in for a tour of the house, they sure do notice every single detail they could with their eyes. How efficiently your HVAC is functioning and comfort during the tour is one such factor considered. When the system is old and sputtering, it can be a red flag for some while others ignore it. At the very least, it can lead to a reduced number of offers and a potentially low sale price.

  1. Reduced price

If your HVAC is old and some parts of it or the entire thing needs replacement, you can expect a significant reduction in the price offered by buyers. Some may initially offer the price you are asking for and later reduce it after a home inspection found issues with the air conditioning system. This reduction may include the price for replacing parts or all of the HVAC.


HVAC systems are essential in maintaining the temperature in the house. Therefore, any defect in it or being aged can affect the value of your property. However, what you need to keep in mind is that the HVAC age does not necessarily make your house hard to sell, as there may be buyers who would still invest in your property.

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