Impact Windows – What You Need to Know

Often simply called impact windows (and doors), these are built combining heavy-duty frames with impact-resistant glass and a silicone glazing to keep the glass from breaking away from the frame. Whether it’s hurricane season or intruders breaking in that you’re worried about, impact windows miami are your safest bet.

How Safe Are Impact Windows?

Shatter-resistant films on either side of the panes seals the glass inside. This would protect the windows even if it is struck by flying debris or from dangerous atmospheric pressures or disasters. The frame (usually made of vinyl, aluminum, or steel) significantly adds to the toughness as well, and resists warping, rust and last for a long time. Some special ones are made to withstand missile impact, although you may not need to bother with those. 

Are There Any Additional Benefits of Impact Windows?

Yes, several, in fact, like

  • Energy Efficient impact-windows can help you save a huge sum of money by reducing air conditioning and heating energy bills.
  • They can significantly lower outside noise.
  • Elimination of 99% UV rays.
  • They provide additional benefits of enhanced security. They can help protect against home-invasions due to their ability to withstand impacts and their special build. 
  • An added bonus is the fact that these are often made of recyclable material (like aluminum) , reducing waste and pollution, which appeals to eco-conscious buyers. 

Important Features to Look for When Selecting Impact Windows 

  1. laminated insulating glass, are made by adding an extra pane of glass on top of the laminated glass with a gas-filled space in between. (They are a bit more expensive though) 
  2. Low Emittance –  Low-e coatings are applied to the inner glass surface that helps reflect longer wavelength (heat) whereas allowing the light with lower wavelength to pass through. 
  3. heat-reducing glass tints block UV rays and also reduce glare greatly.

Material Used 

  • Vinyl – Vinyl provides excellent insulation and provides high energy performance. It is also cheaper and requires low maintenance. However, vinyl has yet no scope of recyclability.
  • Aluminum – Aluminium is a stronger option, is weather-resistant, light in weight, recyclable, and also requires little maintenance. These also have some aesthetic appeal. It needs to paint, which is the only drawback here. 
  • Wood – Wood provides good insulation along with high energy performance. It is also recyclable. But it needs high maintenance as it is prone to rotting and warping.

The benefits of impact-resistant windows outweigh the added cost difference and can save you potentially more than what you may be spending on the windows in the present. It gives your security a boost, in addition to ensuring the safety of your family. It also adds to the resale value of your house.

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