Suggestion To Follow When Inspecting Solar Roof Shingles

The roof of a building or a house forms a major part of every home inspection. It’s also coincidentally the most expensive component of the entire structure. So, if the roof requires replacement or repairs, the same needs to be communicated to the homeowner by the home inspector. 

Even though the use of asphalt shingles is quite popular in the roofing industry, many buildings or homes nowadays are installing solar shingles as well. 

The Popularity Of Solar Power

There’s no denying that solar power has come a long way over the last couple of years. Back in the day, when the concept of solar power was newly circulated, solar panels were only seen in the homes of the technologically-advanced & rich neighbors. However, home inspection in Altoona PA services states that things have changed and the cost of solar panel installation has gone down over the years. Such a condition mainly happened because of economies of scale as well as the improvement of technology over time. 

Over recent years, multiple companies have been able to develop solar shingles. While solar shingles are not as efficient as solar panels, they are still very much usable for the common man and can help you save on your monthly electricity bills. 

Things To Look Out For When Inspecting Solar Shingles

In case you’re new to the idea of solar shingles and want to know the method of inspecting them along with your home inspector, then you’ve arrived at the right place, as we’ll be discussing the same. 

When you’ll be inspecting a regular, we always suggest not to walk on the roof. The best way to inspect a regular roof is to use a ladder and inspect from the sides, or you can use binoculars and inspect them from the ground. You can even use a drone for the same because they’re ideal for inspecting high altitude areas in your home. 

Therefore, we would recommend the same when inspecting solar roof shingles. Since shingles are made from a single thin film, walking around them can be dangerous because the film can easily break under pressure. So, it’s better to not disturb the solar roof shingles.

Since neither you nor your home inspector is an electrician, you cannot verify the overall health of the roof shingles. However, you can still observe some characteristics, such as whether they’re coming loose, warping, cracking, buckling or denting. If you do observe some damages, then you need to call your electrician for the same. 

Having said that, if you’re looking to hire the best professional home inspector to help you inspect your solar roof shingles, then you can call us today and register an appointment. 

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