Top 5 Essential Tips to Keep Your Polished Concrete Sleek for Long!

People are impressed with what they see! Whether it’s your workplace or home, floors form one-fourth of the surface area. Naturally, beautiful floors make your space shine (and vice versa!). Isn’t it the reason that you opted for concrete polish for your place? Its smoothness, sleek and glamorous look is enough to woo your guests and even keep your employees motivated to work in a delightful ambience. But to continue enjoying this fabulous look of your polished concrete, maintaining it well is necessary.

How Can You Manage Your Polished Concrete Better?

Polished concrete in Melbourne from GrindWorks is a long lasting flooring solution and their team ensures that these are laid perfectly in your premises. But looking after them is your duty, as it grants it a longer life and shine. To make this possible, follow the below mentioned rules to look after them properly:

1. Mop and Clean Daily — Though your floor look dashing always, don’t forget that dusts are omnipresent, albeit often invisibly. It’s vital to keep them clean daily to maintain their sleek, polished look. To attain the same, you’ll have to mop and clean the polished concrete on a daily basis. These daily efforts would make them live longer and stay shining!

2. Acidic and Food Spills Need Immediate Action — Accidents do happen. And you may spill liquids and other substances on your polished concrete floor. But if you are letting it stay for hours, then the shine and look of your floor is going to be negatively impacted. You can avoid it easily! Just clean the acidic and other food spills immediately to prevent any stain.

3. De- icing and Salt Residue Shall be Scrubbed — Most often, you’ll require a professional after winter cleaning session to get rid of the leftover ice and salt. And if you are doing the same yourself, get a good concrete scrubber for your polished concrete stay intact for years. Never skip this ritual!

4. Stay Wise on Grime — Grimes on polished concrete can be super tough to deal with. And if you try to be harsh on it and start scratching or scraping it roughly, you’re definitely damaging the surface of the floor. Instead pour a good concrete cleaning liquid on it and let it stay there to loosen its hold on the concrete – then it would be easier to clean it. The result would be a long-lasting shine!

5. Don’t Let the Cleaning Solution Dry on the Surface — The best way to care for your polished concrete is to use mild cleaning solution on it. And when you are using them, don’t let the solution stay on the concrete for longer. Because if it does, there can be visible patches on your polished concrete which may stay forever if you aren’t cleaning them properly. Result — ugly stains and patches on your concrete! Immediately clean the solution. Deal with smaller areas at a time while cleaning to avoid such an issue.

Polished concrete is the best flooring solution that adds beauty of any room! And if you are wise enough to maintain it properly, you shall enjoy the same for decades!

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