Know why LED Lights are Better than Traditional Lights

In today’s world, Light-emitting diodes or LED lights are one of the most efficient lighting solutions available in the market. They consume way less electricity than their alternatives and also have a better lifespan. Most of us struggle to find the right solution for finding the right lighting solution for our home or workplace. 

If you compare LED lights over CFLs or other traditional lights, you will find many benefits like longevity, bright lights, etc. There are several advantages of LED lights over different types of lights and bulbs. This article will talk about the benefits that will make you aware of the importance and effectiveness of LED lighting in our houses. But, we discuss the advantages, let’s see what are the alternatives to LED lights.

What are the other types of lights?

Other lights include traditional filament bulbs, CFLs, halogen bulbs, Neon Lights, and fluorescent tubes. They also have their benefits over LED lights. But, in this article, we are only going to focus on the advantages LED lights to have over other forms of lighting solutions.

Benefits of LED lights over traditional lights

When choosing the proper lighting solution for your home or workspace, there is nothing better than going for LED lighting in Sydney electrical stores. If you still feel doubtful, below are listed some significant benefits of LED lights and how they change the modern world.

LED lights consume less electricity than CFLs

The reason behind LED lighting solutions being popular among average consumers is that they consume significantly less energy than their alternatives. Apart from using less electricity, they are very bright and efficient as well. The reason behind the less energy consumption by LED lights is that they can convert electrical energy to light energy efficiently and quickly. On the other hand, in traditional lamps such as CFL or filament bulbs, much energy is lost while converting the electrical energy into light in terms of resistance and heat. 

Increases longevity of LED lights

LED lighting solutions are considered to be value for money because of their longevity. They can easily beat CFLs and other forms of electrical bulbs in terms of their lifespan. Unlike CFLs or filament bulbs, LED light bulbs don’t have any filaments. That means the possibility of oxidation, degradation of electrical components, or metal fatigue is none. 

LED lights can help you save more money

Though LED lights cost a little more than CFL bulbs, they are very cost-effective in the long term. How? As we have already discussed, LED lighting solutions consume way less electricity than other forms of light. That means using LED lighting solutions for your home will have you cut on electricity bills.

LEDs are environmental friendly

You might be wondering how light can impact your environment? Well, it does impact to some extent. Research has shown that LEDs bulbs don’t affect nature the way other forms of artificial lights do. Unlike CFLs, LEDs don’t contain any mercury. So, we can say that using LEDs can be safer than using CFLs as mercury can be very toxic to both the environment and health. Moreover, the infrared or the ultraviolet emission from LED lights is significantly lower than those of CFL lights, which again makes LEDs a lot safer than their alternatives.

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