Moving To A New Home? Fix These Problems First

There’s no denying that opting for a home inspection service before you purchase a new home is very crucial, otherwise you may end up spending a lot more money on fixing problems that could have been detected before. However, there will also be moments when the seller will conceal any glaring disadvantage with the home that you’re about to buy – just to ensure that the sale goes through seamlessly. 

If you don’t want the above situation to happen to you, it’s suggested that you follow the below-mentioned safety protocols before you plan on moving to a new home – as suggested by home inspection in The Villages FL services. 

Problems To Be Detected And Fixed Before Moving To A New Home

  • Always Pest Proof Your Home

Before you plan on moving to a new home, you need to hire professional pest control services to ensure that your new house is free of pests. Once done, you can now move towards pest-proofing your new home. But, how do you do that?

Well, the first thing you have to install are door sweeps which will block the underside of the doors, so that no insects or bugs can enter your home. Moreover, you’ll need to shut down any cracks or openings around the doors & windows of your home. Ensure that you seal down all utility openings and if you have a chimney, make sure to install a chimney cap as well. 

  • Fix Any Leaking, Creaking Or Squeaking

In case your doors are squeaking, you can fix the same applying surface board wax for the same. You can even proceed to lubricate the door & window hinges too – with either normal vegetable oil or engine oil. However, you should not be using canola oil as it might attract more pests in your home. 

If your floorboards are creaking, you can easily fix the same by tightening the screws and nails. On a different note, if your house has concrete floors, then you can skip this maintenance part.

You also need to check your home’s plumbing system to fix any leaks that might be lowering the water pressure from the source. Fixing leaks will also ensure that your home doesn’t face any water damages. Moreover, if you need to control your water pressure, you can invest in a pressure regulator for the same. 

  • Changing The Locks

Since you’re buying a readymade home, it’s better to invest in a few good locks that are new and efficient. Investing in new locks is important because it makes your home burglar-proof, while also ensuring you and family members are always safe & secure. 

If possible, you can also invest in home surveillance systems. 

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