The Sacred Art of Picking the Right Bedroom Tiles!

Do you know what makes a bedroom ideal? Having the right colour schemes complementing the spectacular design patterns on your wall and the furniture, thereby sealing the charm of the room by properly fitting in. Well, did we miss something? Of course, the floors! How can you have the perfect bedroom for your soul and soulmate without getting the correct design, colour and pattern laid on the floor? No doubt it’s the essential essence of a lively and lovely haven.

When we say bedroom flooring, don’t the thought of tiles for the same springs in your thoughts instantly? Though there are other innumerable options for bedroom floorings available in the market, tiles have their unique special and sophisticated feel. And what’s most amazing about the floor tiles in Melbourne from Ceramic Tile Imports is that they come in millions of distinct designs, patterns, hues and finishes. So, you can enjoy the freedom of surveying and choosing the best from so many options.

A Secret Guide to Choose the Most Exquisite Tile for Your Bedroom!

We know you are sensitive about planning everything for your bedroom. And that’s why you take special care and attention for choosing everything for it. Whether it’s the dreamy colour theme, or the dramatic wall frames, or beautiful tiles for that matter (After all that’s the reason you are reading this page today!). And when you have landed here, do read below for the secret tips to design the ideal bedroom with the right choice of tiles.

  • Think About the Room Size: Your tiles are going to be laid in your personal haven. Ensure to choose the one that gets laid properly and well in the bedroom area without making space feel constricted. Although there is no steadfast rule in décor, and it truly is an art, but bolder patterns and sizes go well in a larger space, while simple textured tiles make a small room exude a greater sense of space.
  • Interior Style of Your Room: Your interior style is the factor that should impact your choice of tiles largely. If you have a modern interior done, the usual norm is to choose shaded tiles, abstract hues, textures that talk etc., while traditional décor scheme welcomes motifs and murals more willingly.
  • Colour Impact and Choices: You couldn’t just avoid the importance of colour shades when it comes to choosing the tiles. Some opine that it’s too monotonous to match them with the wall paints and furniture; while others love the serenity of a look that merges and blends in together.
  • Designed or Plain: Abstract patterns are alluring, but not all like them, and not all bedrooms seem to enjoy that kind of décor! So, if you have too many patterned walls and furniture or carvings, chuck the patterns in your floor tiles, and opt for the plain ones. And if there are not much of these designs on other décor items, you can simply create artwork on the floor with tiles!
  • Rough or Smooth — Selecting the right finishing is also a vital step in getting the most suitable tiles for your bedroom. Matte is a way of life for some people – be it lip-colour or floor tiles. Plus, matte tiles generally add some friction and texture that you can feel while you walk barefoot on it. On the other side of the spectrum, some people like it really smooth, glossy and sparkling. It all depends on the look and feel you are trying to create.

Getting the right floor tiles isn’t rocket science, but we call it a sacred art as everything about creating the perfect bedroom is always magical and just too personal and intimate that it exudes your persona. Something that isn’t possible for anyone else to understand! That’s what makes it sacrosanct and so special.

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