Common factors that prevent your washing machine from working fine

You piled up an entire laundry bag full of dirty clothes and are ready to wash them in your washing machine. But lo! It wouldn’t just turn on. Well, it is a really problematic situation for you. Imagine having half the wardrobe dirty and not being able to clean them on time. Well, there might be several issues that prevent your washing machine from working fine. But few of them really require a technician.

Why does your washing machine not work properly?

No matter what kind of issue you face in your washing machine, ensure that when you’re repairing it, take it only to M&D Appliance Services providing appliance repairs at reasonable rates with guaranteed results. Their whooping 20 years of experience makes them one of the best in the city for repairing all kinds of kitchen appliances perfectly. Now the common factors that often hinder the proper working of your washing machine are:

  •  Uneven power supply — The washing machine being an electrical appliance can’t work without proper electricity. And if the electrical connection is not proper or the wires have worn out or there is a fluctuation in the line, you will obviously face a lot of problems with your washing machine. Mostly, it will stop working amidst the cycle, and sometimes this uneven electrical power can even lead to its motherboard getting damaged permanently
  • Foreign objects in the dryer — Is your washing machine not drying the clothes properly? Well, look for foreign objects like coins or buttons that are blocked in it. And sometimes you will also find these objects in the machine’s drain pump. In both these cases, you won’t get your clothes dried properly and there might even be a loud noise coming from the machine because of this.
  • Too much load — Sometimes your washing machine stops working in between because you have loaded it with too many clothes. Remember, there is a certain capacity provided to you in the user’s manual of the machine and you shouldn’t exceed that amount if you want your machine to run properly. Otherwise, this constant halting in between working would lead to bigger problems in your washing machine.
  • Misplaced belt — Though you won’t be able to see it, there is a belt connected on the dryer’s side of your machine. It helps in the spinning of the system properly. If this gets misplaced due to constant usage or just because it has worn out, you have to replace it immediately. Otherwise, you will find that your clothes are not drying properly which might lead to bigger issues in the machine as well.
  • Problems in the water inlet valve — The water inlet valve is responsible to provide water in the system seamlessly without any hiccups. It is automatic and this water intake stops and starts according to the requirement in the system. But sometimes the water intake system shows issues and you’ll find that the water flow gets stopped in between or doesn’t happen at all. The most common reason behind it is the dirt that gets settled in the valve or might be inadequate water supply.

These issues are quite common in your washing machine. If you want to ensure that these don’t turn into disasters, maintain your machine properly and call an expert whenever you face even a small issue.

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