Rental Property 101: Is Landlord Responsible For Providing Air Conditioning?

As the summer season is almost here, it means that temperatures that are about to rise again – both on the inside as well as on the outside. There’s no denying that air-conditioning makes the warmer temperature much more bearable.

On the other hand, some people or tenants, in this case, believe that having an air-conditioner is like a necessity these days. But, if you’re a property owner, should you be responsible for proving the air-conditioning? Well, we are about to find out, with the help of property management in Hamilton services.

Are Landlords Legally Bound To Provide Tenants With Air Conditioning?

Legally, landlords are not bound to provide tenants with air-conditioning. The major laws tend to describe air-conditioning as an amenity rather than a requirement for enjoying a habitable condition. 

However, the landlord has an implied responsibility to make the property properly habitable, which means that if the property desperately needs a piece of air-conditioning equipment, then the landlord has to provide the same.

What Are Some Of The Necessities Required To Make A Property Habitable?

The following common expectations should be fulfilled to make a property habitable for a tenant:

  • Working electricity, heating, gas and plumbing systems.
  • Working doors that lock.
  • Working tubs, showers, toilets, sinks and the like.
  • Walls or roofs that are non-leaking.
  • Freedom from any kind of health hazards.
  • No pest infestation.
  • A place to dispose of the garbage.
  • Ventilation should be adequate.
  • Points of exits during an emergency.
  • Carbon-monoxide and smoke detectors.

The habitability of a place will depend on the sanitary, safe and secure living scenarios of the said property. Habitability doesn’t mean that place should be very aesthetically pleasing or be highly comfortable. 

In Case Of Emergency Situations

If your tenant has an underlying medical condition that always requires him or her to have an operational air-conditioning, then providing air-conditioning for the landlord would be a responsibility. 

The job of the landlord should be to remedy any condition that directly affects the physical health of the tenant. Therefore, in scenarios where not providing air-conditioning can lead to extreme discomfort – the landlord has to provide the service of air-conditioning along with the lease agreement. 

In Case The Rental Agreement Comes With Air-Conditioning As An Amenity

It should be noted that many landlords tend to provide air-conditioning as an added amenity with the lease agreement – much similar to providing any washer or dryer. Therefore, since the air-conditioning is a part of the property, the landlord would be responsible for maintaining the same as well. 

In general, terms, when you provide your tenant with any appliance during the rental agreement, you as a landlord would also be responsible to keep the same in working condition as well. 

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