Roof Painting Guide for houses in Auckland

The roof is a primary point of focus on our house. The roof color and pattern enhances the overall look of your property. Roofing, therefore, is a part of the building plan which holds the entire exterior look. It is also very crucial to keep it in a very good condition because of the harsh weather condition and aging. Here is a short guide to choosing the best so that you can ensure the longevity of your roof. 

Roof Painting For Houses

The very first step in the estimation process is considering the scope of the project. For this, a site visit is important. All companies which handle roof painting in NZ send a person to look around the house as an initial step. Different approaches will be given to the customer. Proper cleaning and prepping of the roof are needed to start with painting. Reach out to trained professionals for this need before deciding to do this your own. 

  • Average Duration 

On average, painting a roof would take a minimum of two to three days to finish excluding repairs and scaffolding. The condition and size of the roof add to the duration of the painting job. The quality of the work is completely based on the experience of the person and the paint quality that you have purchased. Some roof types that can be painted are wooden, tiles, concrete, and color bond roofs. 

Factors That Affects The Project

You should realize that no project is the same and differs very much depending on several factors. Here are some. 

  • Roof Size

Guessing and making an estimate is never a good option as the work gets over, the time needed to finish the work may go over the owner’s calculation. Proper measurements should be provided to make an accurate assumption. The area that needs to be covered always means a substantial increase in cost. 

  • Roof Type

 There are several types of roofs, and depending on the difficulty and risk to paint them, the cost increases. Metal roof, corrugated iron roof, tiles all have varying expenses when it comes to painting those. Different types of paints are used for this purpose, and your company finds the best for you. 

  • Materials

Apart from the labor cost, you have to include other stuff needed for the process into the budget. Higher quality paints are often suggested as they are constantly exposed to varying weather conditions. It is crucial that it lasts you for years to come. 

  • The Current Condition of the Roof

Your roof needs to be conditioned before starting with the painting. These steps include preparing your roof with primer. Sometimes a double water-layer blasting is needed so that no dirt gets in between the paint and the roof material so that it lasts long. 

  • The Angle of the Roof

Angled roof increases the surface area in total and will be factored in the estimation. Severe angles increase risk and thus the laborers need to take an informed and careful approach while doing the painting. 

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