Homes That Say Come to Me – See the Magic of Stencil Paints in Your Home!

Your home is the only place that gives you the freedom of experimenting! And décor is that one segment where you love to try new things. Correct us if we are wrong but paints seem to be that factor which you love experimenting with. And the right and creative pattern of paints are enough to create an oomph factor in your home. And by painting we don’t just mean the plain, boring type of paints. Here too, you can be as creative and idealistic as you like and be amazed by the pleasant transformation of your abode.

Enhance the Beauty of Your Home With Stencil Painting!

No matter if it’s the interior or exterior painting job in your home, it’s always better to call the experts for the task! Even if you are opting for stencil painting, we suggest – never try it on your own (although the Internet would be full of DIY ideas – but nothing can beat the firm, confident strokes of an expert). If you are searching for the best ways how stencil painting can charm up your home, keep reading!

  • Stencils adding life to walls — Ok, so let’s bust a myth first! Stencil painting isn’t just limited to geometrical designs. You can create your favourite peacock with it or simply opt for Moroccan lanterns and so much more! So, what you dream about the most can be a part of your accent wall as you create that dramatic picture with the help of a stencil. Loved the idea? Start thinking for the next figure you are going to get stencilled on your walls then!
  • Spruce up your floors through stencil paints — Here’s another myth that we desire to break. Stencil painting isn’t only for walls! You can deck up your floor with it too. Just pick your favourite pattern, get it painted by experts in house painting in Auckland like Flamingo who will ensure that your floor looks enchanting with their fabulous efforts. Post this step, protect this paint with at least two coats of a matte-finish lacquer over it. You’ll love to walk on your stencilled floor enjoying the dramatic effect it adds to your home. Add some low seat cushions or low seating furniture to draw eyes to the lovely floors.
  • Stencil the ceiling — Remember the Mughals or Turkish Royal palaces? Well, they always had their ceilings carved by their artisans. The same tradition can be emulated more easily with stencil paints. Create an enticing pattern on your ceiling and have it designed gracefully in a palatial style. You will be awed by its effects.
  • Highlight the stair risers — How about uplifting your stairs by giving the stair risers an enticing stencil pattern? No wonder your house will look a lot more attractive and captivating.
  • Stencil the furniture — Have old or plain furniture? Come, let’s make it look fresh and stunning with some stencil patterns on it. Choose white or some light shade for this art on dark coloured or polished furniture and get mesmerised by its beauty!

Didn’t we say that your home will say, “Come to me” when you adorn it with stencil paints? Are you convinced? Yaayyy! Happy experimenting!    

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