Some Frequent Problems Your Electric Boilers Show, Its Causes, and Possible Solutions!

You just can’t survive living a normal lifestyle without a working heater and heating system! The electric boilers are surely a great investment as they provide so much convenience and ease to you. Especially if it’s the winters, then these boilers are mandatory! You’ll almost need them 24/7 in your house. But what if it shows some issues? You obviously have to inquire completely about it and search for a solution ASAP!

Common Issues Seen in Electric Boilers and What You Can Do About Them!

Combi electric boilers from Electric Combi Boilers Co. are excellent heating solutions for your home. They are of the best quality and guarantee maximum heating convenience. But if you see the below-listed issues in them, then it’s better to repair or replace them:

  • Boiler noise — The boiler making grunting, banging, or even whistling noise is one of the most common issues seen in electrical boilers. This issue arises mostly because of low water pressure or failing pumps in the system. Such a problem can be dealt with best by an expert — but you can check the water pressure and do something to increase it though if needed.
  • No heat from the boiler — If your boiler isn’t heating much, this issue can be because of various reasons. Though some of these can be treated by just changing a part or wire, a more serious problem asks for an urgent replacement of the electric boiler.
  • Leak in the electric boiler – If you see that the water is constantly dripping or leaking from your boiler, beware that this is just a sign leading to a bigger issue. The reason for it can be a broken seal or valve and these need to be examined by an expert immediately.
  • Lack of pressure — If there’s a lack of pressure in your boiler, then search for the leakages in the system. Yes, there may be other issues in the system too, but to know exactly what’s killing the pressure in your electric boiler, call an expert immediately.
  • Cold radiators — If your radiators aren’t much warm and the heating system isn’t providing the needful, then most probably there would be air within the central heating system. This issue can be solved by flushing out the air from the system. However, if even after this the radiators aren’t heating, then the problem can be more serious and would require an expert’s advice soon.
  • Faulty thermostat — Often you’ll see that your thermostat settings are changing on its own. And this obviously impacts your heating system as well. Firstly, check for the settings of your thermostat system. If the issue is minor, then it can be resolved immediately. And if it still shows a problem, then only a professional can tackle the issue.

These issues are definitely troublesome in your heating system and require urgent attention. But we suggest, if these issues keep on repeating frequently, don’t delay in replacing the same immediately. There is no logic in spending so much on the repairs when you can actually get a new one in almost half the amount.

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