The Fantastic Ways Technology Makes The Home Inspection Process Effortless & Efficient

There’s no denying that technology has always been at the forefront of multiple types of businesses and industries, and the same holds for the home inspection industry as well. Technology isn’t bad, as some people like to call it. Using technology can make your business more productive & efficient, which can always turn out to be a great scenario. 

Therefore, in case you’re wondering how technology is helping the home inspection sector, then you’ve arrived at the correct place. Keeping the same perspective, in this comprehensive blog post, we’re going to discuss some of the major methods through which technology is changing the way home inspectors & customers operate the home inspection industry. 

Procedures Through Which Technology Is Changing The Course Of The Home Inspection Process

  • Automated Scheduling

According to professional services for a home inspection in Fort Meyers, home inspectors nowadays are relying directly on the process of online scheduling for booking their customer appointments. Online scheduling is a very convenient way for customers to book their inspection, without having to pick up the phone or leave the house. 

During the online scheduling procedure, the interested customer will simply fill up a form that will include the preferred date & time of the inspection, along with his or her contact information & address about the property that is to be inspected. In that way, the home inspector will be notified the same for the service request, while the customer can enjoy peace of mind. 

Following such a procedure helps the home inspection service provider to cater to every possible customer without any conflict. There will be no missed customers and customers don’t have to waste time booking an appointment. It’s that easy & straightforward. 

  • Advent Of Virtual Walkthroughs

In a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is raging around the world, virtual walkthroughs can prove to be a Godsent for customers. This is because the customer can enjoy the inspection at the comfort of his or her home through various video conferencing apps like Zoom, Google Meet, FaceTime or Google Duo. There will be no hassle of meeting with the home inspector and the risks of Coronavirus infection will be lower. 

But, how is it possible? Well, the home inspector will simply record the inspection process via his or her smartphone in real-time and the videography will be fed through the internet directly to the customer’s computer or smartphone. Customers can easily chat with the home inspector when on the video conference call so that any query or confusion can be solved without any delay. 

Moreover, with the advancement of technology, home inspectors can now utilize the prowess of thermal imaging, allowing the customer to obtain a better inspection report. 

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