Signs That Say Termites Are Invading Your Homes

One of the significant home problems that strike fear in the minds & hearts of most homeowners out there is termite infestation. Termites are generally known as bugs, and they eat dry wood to survive. Moreover, they’re smaller and can quickly multiply over time. 

Some of the major foundations where termite infestations can originate are window frames, door frames and the foundation of the house. And by the time most homeowners come to notice about the same, it becomes too late. With that being said, we are bestowing some of the significant signs that point out to you that your home has been invaded by termites – as suggested by home inspection in St Augustine services.

Signs That Point Towards Termite Infestation In Your Home

  • Hearing Various Clicking Noises

When you’re not watching the TV, and there is pin-drop silence inside a room, if you can hear clicking noises from your nearby wall, then its a sure shot sign that there are termites present in your home. When termites start biting upon wood, then only you’ll be able to know & hear about their eating habits. 

It should be remembered that soldier termites create the most amount of noise because they bang their heads against the wood, to ensure that they warn other termites of danger. The vibrations that are given off through headbanging leads to the other bugs around them to retreat. 

  • The Wooden Floor Is Blistering

There’s no doubt that water damage can easily make the floorboard pucker & blister. However, the overall severity of these damages is very low. On the other hand, termites can easily eat through your flooring, thereby making the flooring panels to warp & buckle. You might mistake the same as water damage, but if you see such a sign very regularly, then it’s the case of termites.

You should remember that not only wooden floors fall as prey to termites because termites even attack laminate flooring. Once termites start to eat through laminate flooring, the laminate panels begin to blister and sag – mainly in the affected areas. It’s quite shocking that termites can eat through laminate flooring within a matter of just weeks. 

  • Termites Flying Around

While this might come as a shocker for you, this is the cold, hard truth, i.e. termites can fly around. Like any other flying insects out there, they can also fly around your home, going from one wooden furniture to another. They always swarm out of their nests at night, mainly to find the perfect mates, and thereby start new colonies. 

Furthermore, when a termite finds a spot to settle down, they cut off their wings – which means that they bury inside the ground or wood. 

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