The Best of Grunge Interior Tips for Quirkier Home Transformation!

Are you a person with lots of ‘out of the box’ ideas and thoughts? Is normal always abnormal to you? Is it that you don’t get impressed by lavish décor and sophisticated designs and find solace only in distressed décor ideas? Welcome to the group of grunge loving individuals and congratulations! Your style of décor stays untouched and awesome for a long time too.

Superb Grunge Interior Ideas to Give Your Home a Unique Feel!

If you like challenges in home décor ideas and love the childish theory of trial and error without worrying of the consequences, then grunge type of décor is most suitable for you. These ideas form from the basic strategies of complex décor ideas but are absolutely fascinating to look at. Check out some of the very magnificent grunge décor ideas to try for your home transformation.

  • A Grunge Feature Wall Can Be Enchanting — Forget the smoothest looking, soft painted walls! Let’s hear it loud for the grunge feature on your main wall. There are several ways to obtain this. You can simply opt for a concrete wall that is super messy and also pretty expensive than normal ones, but the touch, feel and look of concrete here can be a total hit. Next, try a plastered wall! No, we don’t mean a painted wall after the plaster, but a simple raw plastered wall created by an expert plasterer offering a plastering service. In London, D.H. White plastering will create this wall perfectly well for you through their unmatched skills and you will love the rustic feel of the raw plastered pale white colored wall adorning your home!
  • Distressed and Rustic Flooring — For a better grunge look in your home, experiment with your floor! Pick the large, oversized concrete to lay down or simply opt for reclaimed wood flooring for a rustic yet impressive-looking grunge décor!
  • Metal Lighting —  Want to play around more? Come back to the basics! Bring that hanging metal lights used mostly in prisons to give a grunge look to your home. Even concrete lights and the ones which hang with the help of jute ropes and resemble a caged look with finesse!
  • Adopt Natural Essence — Go more rustic by adopting the natural essence and giving up the synthetic options. Like jute for instance! You’ll love the couches and seat covers made up of jute in earthy colors and would be mesmerized by just how its beauty completes your grunge looking home!
  • Abstract Artwork— What else would be more suitable to complete your grunge home decor than a large piece of abstract artwork! Since everything around is beyond normal, why would the painting you choose be a monotonous one? Pick a fantastic piece to display on your rustic wall but remember, too much brightness in color can throw off your grunge décor. Pick an artwork that blends with the ambiance of the room and enhances your grunge theme with its design and shades.

We are sure these grunge home décor ideas have tickled the creative bone inside you! Just follow these tips closely and remember to opt for nude and neutrals to blend perfectly with the looks in order to create the most fascinating and unique looking home!

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