Top 5 Risks of Not Getting Home Inspection Done

Getting a new house in Calgary? If yes, we would advise you to get a home inspection done for your new house in Calgary to save yourself from the downside risks associated with not getting the home inspection done. You must not skip a home inspection no matter what happens because it is your investment that’s on stake. Today we are going to discuss some biggest risks that you might be exposed to if you avoid home inspection.

Unauthorized Work Remains Undisclosed

A home inspector carries out a thorough examination of the home and reports the presence of any unauthorized construction or other works present in the structure of the home. Doing away with a home inspection would mean that these facts remain undiscovered. This would mean that you are taking the unnecessary risk of legal hassle that may take place in the future. 

Difficulty in Getting Home Insurance

Many insurance companies shy away from lending home insurance products to such homebuyers who don’t have access to a home inspection report. If the insurance company refuses to grant you home insurance then even your lender will not approve the mortgage. Sounds scary, right?

Safety Issues Would Not Be Addressed

It is through a home inspection that the safety issues present in the property get disclosed. It is therefore advisable to get the home inspection so that you are aware in advance of any security concern with respect to property that you are planning to buy and take possession of. This would help you either negotiate with the seller for a reduction in price or ask the seller for mitigating the safety concerns.

You Might Incur Huge Costs on Repair Works

If you are not aware of the true condition of the home then you are taking significant risks. This is because when there are certain areas in the home which need to be repaired and you have no idea of the same you are literally taking additional liability for yourself and adding to the cost of your total investment. However, if you get the home inspection done, the home inspector can report you of any significant defects.

You Lose Out on the Negotiation

You can always negotiate for a price reduction if there are minor defaults or shortcomings in the home as per the home inspector’s report. If you decide not to get the home inspection you lose out on such a wonderful opportunity. 


We did not want to scare you or something; we wanted to aware you regarding the importance of getting a home inspection done for your new property in Calgary. With so many reasons to get the home inspection done, make sure you don’t miss the same.

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