Top Home Designing Mistakes Drastic Enough for Décor Dilemmas!

Every home has a story. You are unique. So should be your home. And of course, look attractive too. No matter what your budget is, you can deck up your haven with a little bit of innovation and creativity. Running out of ideas? The internet today is full of décor tips and tricks. But do you know what they don’t tell you? They generally keep mum about what could act as a spoiler to your efforts – what you should avoid when revamping your home décor. And today we are going to tell you just that!

A List of Common Home Designing Mistakes That May Ruin Your Beautiful Home Décor!

They say home designing is an art and we somewhat agree to it too. But when it comes to our home, we all become artists. And why not? We love to design our spaces according to our choices, right? But there are certain things that you try in home décor and which can totally throw off your décor. Let’s read about some of these mistakes and how you can best avoid them.

  • Not considering the scale — So, you have a comfy large recliner? Paired it with a tiny glass coffee table? Don’t they look out of place and weird together? Also, a gigantic sofa in a compact space would seem overwhelming. Well, we often ignore the scale when decorating. A scale is basically the measurement of two distinct items and pairing them appropriately. And while you do that, also consider the total available space. When the scale isn’t proportional, it totally spoils the look.
  • Forceful match — Too much of matching stuff all around is again a tad boring and overwhelming too perhaps. A room looks inviting when there is a right blend of various colours, patterns, and textures. Also, emphasise on creating one focal point and let the others play a complementary role around it. And the best example of this could be the oriental rugs in UK from Imperial Rugs. Have you noticed just how each of these rugs is carefully curated with alluring contrast of colours and superb quality? They could be the conversation starter in any room for sure. And you could pick colours from the rug for other accessories like curtains, throws, cushions, poufs, and more.
  • Picking random décor items —We know home décor items can be worth drooling. But that doesn’t mean you’ve to pick everything and anything and just place them in your rooms. Most of the time, a delightful room looks totally rummaged due to randomly placed decorative items. What we suggest is prepare a theme for every room and then adorn it with thematic décor pieces and art work.
  • Rushing too much décor — Most of us get carried away while decorating the house and forget the “stop”rule of the book! Well, home décor looks classy when there are some relief spaces that allow the eyes to rest. Too much décor could cringe your room and should be avoided at all cost.
  • No walking space in between —Want to create a pathetic home design? Fill it with too much furniture and let every person get dodged by furniture at every turn! A room decorated with too many furniture and items that hardly leaves room for traffic flow destroys your décor to the core. While if you are careful about the size, number of items and placement, you rarely see such an issue even in a tiny room.

We are sure you are aware of the above mistakes and are guilty of indulging in some of them at some point or another. But what matters now is to quit it and start afresh for a flawless décor you can proudly flaunt! 

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