Nasty Carpet Stains and the Tricks to Thoroughly Clean Them!

Carpet stains are just like those naughty kids. They hover around when you don’t want to see them, and they don’t go until you are fed up with them.  And believe us, cleaning them thoroughly requires oodles of effort from you. But for that, you should know about the various nasty kinds of stains and how to eradicate them from your carpet.

The Different Stains on Your Carpet Can Turn Into Headaches With Time!

There are many sources of tough stains on your carpet that needs to be tended immediately. And if by any chance you are delaying the matter, these stains would turn into a headache for you later. Well, let’s read about those tricky stains and the methods to eradicate them from the carpets:

  • Bloodstains — You know blood dripped anywhere doesn’t come out easily. And when it falls on the carpet, the matter worsens. You should immediately wash it off from the carpet to get rid of it. And if it stays for long, then you’ll have to work a bit extra and clean it with a good detergent and scrub it off from the surface. Remember, don’t try using bleach here. This would only ruin the natural shade and beauty of your carpet, the blood stain would still be there. Better call professionals from Peakview Cleaning Services. In Christchurch, these carpet cleaners excel in the task of eradicating any type of stain from your carpets easily and with guaranteed results.
  • Ink stains— A pen leaking or a child dripping the ink bottle on your carpet — the results are dangerous! Try rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover on the spot to get rid of this stain and scrub a little for best results.
  • Pet stains — When a pet leaves a nasty and bad smelling poop or pee on your carpet, it becomes a nightmare to remove it from there. Yes, firstly you’ll require to remove the substance from the surface and then start cleaning the stain. Use a cleaning agent that contains ammonia to get rid of this stain which eventually helps you fight the dirty odour coming from it as well.
  • Vomit, wine, and chocolate stains —These stains are water-soluble stains and very much tough to clean as well. You couldn’t get rid of them without using a solution of ammonia with water and scrubbing them off from the surface immediately. And if the stains persist, then calling the professionals is the trick.
  • Wax, oil, chewing gum, or glue — Such sticky substances on your carpet leave a pretty bad stain if left alone for long. And if you want to get rid of them, place an ice on them to melt the sticky substance. Later, clean these with rubbing alcohol and erase the stain permanently.

There are many more such stains – like those left by coffee, cola, dyes, and children’s paint — that create a weird picture on your carpet. And believe us cleaning them isn’t an easy job. We recommend you to call professionals to deal with these and enjoy spic and span carpets once again. 

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