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          Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning (LDAC): the advantages are built in.

Better Performance

  • Powerful, precise humidity and temperature control
  • Better IAQ through removal of airborne particulate and microorganisms
  • Elimination of mold formation at condensation points
  • Greater comfort by eliminating overcooling of supplier air

Superior Economics

  • Opex 30-40% lower than conventional outdoor air systems
  • Opex 55-65% lower than desiccant wheel systems
  • Capex comparable/less than alternative equipment
  • Tax deductions up to $1.80/sq ft and 30% system cost savings through government & utility incentive programs

Improved Air Quality

  • Eliminates 91% of airborne microorganisms
  • Removes 80% of particles larger than 5 microns including allergens

Renewable Energy Integration

  • Option to use solar panels, geothermal water and waste heat for further energy savings
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