Why Does Your Heat Pump Leak Water?

As summers pass and winters start to approach, you automatically shift your concern from the air conditioner to the heating system! It’s always advisable to get the entire system checked before the cool season starts. And one of the most crucial parts of your heating system is the heat pump. Once installed, this pump mostly has quite a long life. It is also an eco-friendly and very efficient heating option.

The Reasons of Leakage of Your Heat Pump!

A heat pump basically costs you slightly more than other ordinary heating systems. And to ensure that this pump lasts for years in its proper condition, buy it from the best source and get it installed by very good technicians. Craig’s Gas & Plumbing provides heating services in Melbourne and affordable installation of heat pumps and other kinds of heaters in your property. They also tend to come to you for its repair if needed. Hence, when your heat pump leaks water, do not delay calling them immediately. You’ll also need to know the reasons for these leakages, right? Well, read them below:

  • Drainage issues — Your heat pumps consist of a condensate pan. This pan collects the water that drips through the condensation system via a drain line. And if there is dust, debris and clogging in your drain line or the pan isn’t aligned in the right position, water leakage starts. There is a floater in the pan that turns off the system when such an issue occurs, but still the heat pump would switch off until the leakage stops, and the floater turns the pump on again. This obviously requires a technician to attend to the pump at the earliest for cleaning the system and making it work again.
  • Ice on the coils — Most of the time, when your heat pump isn’t at work, ice tends to set on the coil due to the lack of refrigerant level. So, when the machine is finally switched on, this ice melts and you can see a leakage or a pool forming under the system. An expert can come and tend to the issue by sealing the leak and recharging the refrigerant systems for a proper working of the heat pump.
  • A dirty coil — There is a cold evaporator coil in your system that absorbs condensation in the atmosphere and lets it out through the coil towards the pan. If your coil is dirty (which it often is after you miss some months of servicing), then the water doesn’t get drained properly and gets accumulated in the form of leakages under your heat pump. A regular servicing and cleaning of this unit is enough to prevent such an issue.
  • Cracked overflow pan — Your overflow pan is very essential for proper drainage and working of your heat pump system. If this pan is cracked, you’ll see water leaking from your pump. A replacement of the pan is the sole solution for this problem.

A heat pump is an excellent machine for convenient heating purposes in cold climates. They are energy efficient, making them even more desired. Issues like leakages in this system shouldn’t come in the way of proper working of it. So, when you know the reasons behind the leakages, ensure that they don’t occur and cause inconvenience to you.

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