Why Isn’t My Ac Cooling?

Isn’t this the question you ask all your friends and even yourself about a dozen times during a hot scorching summer day? We know there’s nothing more depressing than coming back home from a long walk (sweating profusely) or a busy day from the office and finding the heat following you inside because your air conditioner chose to quit! And an air conditioner that doesn’t give you cooling on a super hot summer day is just like a useless piece of dilapidated furniture in your home!

But, let’s not get too demotivated because of your faulty AC. Yes, you read it right. When an air conditioning unit doesn’t serve the purpose it’s installed for, it’s naturally having a bad day. And whether that fault is a minute one, or a bigger issue, this can be best rectified by Mark Salmon Electrical, providing air conditioning repair at reasonable rates with the best results.

The Hiccups That Make Your Air Conditioner Dysfunctional!

The basic purpose of installing an air conditioner is always to circulate some cool air. And life certainly becomes quite difficult if you aren’t at your comfortable best in your home due to an AC unit that isn’t providing you the same. And that’s when you think about the reasons why it isn’t doing its job. Well, we have compiled some of the most common reasons for the same. You can check them, for being in the knowhow always is a plus!

  • Clogged air filter — An air filter is an essential part of your AC unit and this gets dirty easily too. The reason may be collection of dirt, dust and debris on the same. If you feel that your air conditioner isn’t cooling, better check this filter first. If it’s clogged, remove and wash it to restore its efficiency.
  • Faulty thermostat settings — Sometimes, mistakenly, your thermostat settings get changed and it gets set to a slightly raised temperature. This obviously wouldn’t let your AC unit cool more. So, better check your thermostat settings when an air conditioner shows some issue and keep it on auto mode to save the trouble again.
  • Dirty exterior unit — Even your exterior unit gets prone to dust and dirt — and this impacts your air conditioner’s cooling capacity largely. It’s always better to call a professional cleaner for cleaning the same with their equipment and enhance the performance of your air conditioner.
  •  Issues in the condenser — Condenser is a very crucial part of your air conditioning unit and if this gets clogged or has problems, you’ll have to immediately get your AC serviced by professionals to save the machine.
  • Damaged compressor— A compressor is a part of your air conditioner that impacts your air conditioner’s performance to a great extent. If by any chance your compressor gets damaged, the system will stop cooling instantly and you’ll have to either repair the same or replace the compressor to get it back in shape.

So, the next time your air conditioner unit seems reluctant to provide you the cooling you desire, you can check for the above signs and contact an expert to tackle the same immediately.

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  • Afton Jackson

    September 16, 2020 at 4:15 am

    Thank you for mentioning parts like the compressor and the condenser as things that could be the cause of a faulty AC unit. I was […] Read MoreThank you for mentioning parts like the compressor and the condenser as things that could be the cause of a faulty AC unit. I was starting to become paranoid about my house since no matter how hard I tried to regulate the temperature with my air conditioning, nothing would stay cold. This lead me to think that there was a problem with the roof, but now that I remember that the AC unit hasn't been serviced in a long while, I'll get an HVAC contractor to help me figure out what might be wrong with it first. Read Less

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