10 Luxury Features to Add During Your Custom Home Building

During 2020, America underwent a renovation, upgrade, and DIY boom. With lots of people stuck at home, they started looking around their homes and thinking: maybe it’s time I took care of some of these home updates I’ve been talking about.

Whether you’re thinking about taking on some home projects or beginning the process of custom home building, there are so many incredible features you can add to houses these days that it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to choose.

When you’re building a luxury home, what are some features that you should seriously consider adding?

Let’s take a look at ten popular and enticing home amenities that you just might not be able to live without.

  1. Heated Floors

One of the luxury home features that is most sought after is heated floors. This is an incredible way to bring the comfort level of your home up to the max.

There are water-based systems and electric systems when it comes to radiant floor heating. Both of these types of floor heating create efficient and consistent warmth.

Can you imagine getting out of the shower onto a warm and toasty floor rather than feeling cold tiles under your feet? If you are someone that can’t feel cozy unless you kept warm, you want to consider this as one of your home updates or custom build features.

  1. Solar Panels

If you want your new custom home to be as energy-efficient as possible, you might consider installing solar panels. Harnessing the power of the sun rather than finite energy sources, solar panels can help you reduce your carbon footprint while also keeping your utility bills low.

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  1. Smart Home Technologies

Technology sure has come a long way in the last several decades. It is now accessible for you to add smart heating and cooling systems, thermostats, doorbells, smoke detectors, door locks, and so much more. You can even invest in smart home appliances to ensure that your new home is as high-tech as possible.

  1. Spa Bathroom

Creating the master bathrooms of your dreams is entirely within your reach. Instead of having a regular old bathroom, why not make the space into a mega-relaxing spa?

When you splurge for a spa bathroom as one of your home amenities, using the bathroom after a long day’s work will become the favorite part of your day. You can include a Finnish sauna, a soaking tub, a walk-in shower, heated floors, and so many other tremendous amenities.

  1. Hidden Room

One fun, new trend is having a hidden room installed in the home. Straight out of your favorite children’s book, people frequently have the portal to this hidden room be an unsuspecting bookshelf.

You can make your hidden room whatever you want it to be. Whether it’s a playroom, an office, a yoga studio, or a library, this is an exciting home project that the whole family can love. Plus, it’s a great conversation piece when you have guests over!

  1. Central Vacuum System

One of the things that’s most difficult about having a large home is keeping it clean. Central vacuum systems can make it so either you or your housekeeper doesn’t have to lug the dust bin or vacuum all across your expansive home.

Even though this might not sound that luxurious, it will make cleaning your home radically easier. This is one to consider if you are concerned about the time and energy it will take to keep your new, large, luxurious home spot-free.

  1. Infinity Pool

If you want your home to feel like a luxury hotel, consider installing an infinity pool. Majestic and impressive, this is fun for the whole family and a great place to throw gatherings.

  1. Outdoor Kitchen and Living Space

Depending on where you’re building your custom home, investing a lot in outdoor living space might make more or less sense. However, particularly in the times of lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, there’s a lot to be said for having some space to enjoy the great outdoors from the comfort of your own property.

There are so many fun and creative things you can do with your outdoor space. You can install a fire pit, an outdoor kitchen, a screened-in porch, water features, incredible landscaping, comfortable seating, and so much more.

  1. Home Theater

Gone are the days of watching movies on your tiny laptop screen. Instead, create an entertainment center in your own home. Rather than go to the movies and shell out the big bucks for tickets, popcorn, soda, and snacks, why not create a much more comfortable and intimate environment in your own home?

This is great for adults and children alike. Whether you’re having some buddies over to watch the game or your kid is hosting a sleepover, having a home theater is a must-have when it comes to luxury home updates.

  1. Wine Cellar

If you really want your home to stand out from the rest, consider installing a wine cellar. This is a wonderful way to display your wine collection while protecting it from temperature and humidity changes.

Luxury Home Building: Which of These Features Will You Add to Your Home?

When you’re looking to build a luxury home, it can be incredibly exciting to dream up all of the wonderful home amenities you’ll be able to use. It’s also important to think about what you’ll really use and what you should probably go without, though. Amenities that you install that sit neglected will likely be a source of frustration and annoyance.

When you build your luxury home, which of these home features will you include? Let us know in the comments below!

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