8 Actionable Commercial Cleaning Tips

Over the years we have studied, researched, and practiced. We have gained a lot of knowledge from others and have taught hundreds of people how to become commercial cleaners.

8 Important Commercial Cleaning Tips That You Must Know

Tips 1. Tips 1.

Cleaning from top to bottom, and left to right is the first tip for commercial cleaning. This can be done simultaneously. We were a mess when we first started to clean.

This practice meant that we couldn’t do the cleaning and we spent so much time forgetting things. It was absurd.

We noticed a significant improvement in our lives when we learned this tip from the top, left to right, and started to implement it. It is very easy to clean in this manner, so if you don’t already do it, it is worth it.

Clean from top to bottom is what we mean because dirt and dust fall from the top to bottom.

Dirt will fall from the top to the bottom when you wipe something.

  • We make sure to wipe down the counter first in the kitchen by following the commercial cleaning checklist. If you do this in the reverse order, you will not want to clean the surface twice.
  • We recommend that professional cleaners clean the floors before they arrive at the office. This is because they know the floor will be last.

Tips 2. Tips 2.

When it comes to moving from left to right or left to right, our commercial cleaners ask them to choose which direction they would like to go as long as it is consistent.

This will ensure that your cleaner won’t miss any spot. Because Clean Group professionals commercial cleaners work in a consistent manner, we will be able to know every corner and every part of the room. This will allow you to promise your customers efficient and effective cleaning.

Tips Tips 3.

We regret not following this information when we started the commercial cleaning business. Instead, we ran back and forth from our custodial cabinets every time we forgot something.

It never worked out that way, even though we may want the cleaning to be done quickly and efficiently because we want to get on with our lives.

We made a rule that professional cleaners should always have all the necessary tools and chemicals to complete any task.

A cleaning caddy is a great idea. Place the caddy in the middle or center of the surface you are trying to clean. You won’t have to run back-and-forth. This is a huge waste of time. It’s a good idea to time yourself. This made a huge difference.

Get all the tools and products you will need for your next cleaning job.

Tip 4. Tips 4.

We had seen countless cleaning commercials before we founded Clean Group. A tip that you can share with your commercial cleaners is to always read the manuals or instructions before using any tool or cleaner.

The time it is allowed to dwell on the surface you are cleaning will determine its effectiveness. It must be allowed to rest for a while. It has two main effects.

  • First, the product must clean something. It needs to work for a while. It is not possible to just spray a cleaner on a surface and expect it to give you the desired result. It must sit. It must be sprayed on a surface and allowed to sit. The product will then begin to work. You can then wipe it off for the best results. The same applies to green cleaning products.
  • Professional commercial cleaners should not allow the product to sit. These products contain their own disinfectants. It will take between 5 and 10 minutes for the product to kill the bacteria. Once you have applied the product, allow it to sit for a while, and then wipe it clean. This will ensure that you get the clean you desire and the disinfecting you need.

Tips 5. Tips 5.

You should only work your way up if it is necessary. Professional cleaners who have asthma or allergies should be careful. Many people will clean their toilets with any product they have at hand or use the strongest products to get rid of whatever they don’t want to clean.

Your office is less dirty than you think. You don’t need a powerful product to clean your office.

If you find yourself in an extremely greasy situation, such as rings or a greasy toilet seat, then you may need to use a stronger, more powerful product. However, most of the time, the gentler or environmentally friendly chemicals we discussed are safe and effective.

Tips 6. Tips 6.

You will never forget the moment when you started your commercial cleaning business. Use the eye-level test.

This means that you should crouch down to the eye level of whatever surface you just cleaned in order to take a look at it and see if anything stands out.

We always remind our commercial cleaners that this is the eye-level check. I want them to go to their individual work, and then I want them to crouch down to take a look at it from an eye level. If you look down at something, you won’t be able to see the underneath.

Tips 7. The S Pattern

The S Pattern is the current standard for commercial cleaning. The S Pattern is a well-known pattern in commercial cleaning. The S pattern is a very interesting thing.

We used to use whatever motion we liked to clean when we weren’t considered professionals in the cleaning industry. That was the way it was supposed to be done.

You are literally wiping dirt off a surface by moving in a circular motion. Circular motions will leave streaks and marks on the surface. You will need to work harder to get the results you want.

The S pattern is a swiped pattern that you start in the upper right-hand corner of a surface. Next, swipe to the left, then zig-zag down.

This will transform the way you clean. You will see a decrease in streaking and half the effort required if you do it wrong. Instead of sweeping the surface with a circular motion and attempting to clean it, use the S pattern. You’ll be amazed at how fast and efficient you can complete the job.

Ask your cleaning company for a flexible duster if you need to dust light fixtures or ceiling fans. They are very useful and convenient because you can do your dusting quickly and easily. These dusters are washable in your washing machine.

You don’t have to buy a lot of tools that aren’t always effective. Instead, grab a mop stick and a sock and flip it inside out. Then tie an elastic band around it. This will allow you to remove any cobwebs from the corners of the room, much like you would with a microfibre cloth.

A flathead mop, sweeper or microfibre cloth can be used. This can be used to clean your walls of dust and marks.

Simply move in an upward and downward motion to dust the office walls. This is an easy and inexpensive method. Exhaust fans will see that the wall is already covered with dust. You can use your regular vacuum to remove dust and cobwebs.

Many people are curious about how to clean the baseboards. If you don’t want to do this manually, or if you prefer not to reach down and scrub the baseboards with your hands and microfiber towels, then use the same method as we did for the mop poles. You can scrub right up to the baseboards with this method.

Tips 8. Tips 8.

Last but not least, the last thing we’ll discuss is something we learned through years of home study and experience. We were not very good at tidying up when we first started cleaning. Making things look neat is half of cleaning, especially if you’re cleaning professionally.

Even if you spend more than an hour cleaning up dirt, bacteria, and dust, sometimes the place looks messy if there is not enough space. A perpendicular pattern will make any surface look tidy, neat, and pleasing to your eye.

You have a clean surface and a tidy space. This will help you keep your home clean. You should first pile all your belongings.

Line them up, or stack them up on the edge of the item. You can do this in either a parallel or perpendicular manner. This will give you clean and neat angles that are pleasing to the eyes.

You can find more commercial cleaning tips and queries here. Drop us a line on our website.


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